In Nîmes: emotion and honors for the dissolution of the logistics battalion of the 4th Equipment Regiment

In Nîmes: emotion and honors for the dissolution of the logistics battalion of the 4th Equipment Regiment

In the heart of the arenas of Nîmes, the Via Domitia II logistics desert battle group was officially dissolved on Thursday 24 November. In the presence of the Secretary of State to the Minister for the Armed Forces, in charge of Veterans Affairs and Memory, Patricia Mirallès.

In barely four months, these committed women and men have achieved the impossible: proceed with the withdrawal, removal and repatriation of French military men and infrastructure as part of Operation Barkane, in accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic on February 17, to reorganize the operation outside of Mali.

Official disbandment

Thursday, November 24, on the arena trail, there were about 200 soldiers from the Via Domitia II desert logistics battle group attached to the 4th Rmat, present for the official dissolution ceremony of their group. A dissolution symbolically marked, in the presence of their loved ones, by the withdrawal of the mission pennant which will now join the hall of honors of their regiment.

For 1st class Thomas, 23, the emotion is immense. And the memories of these four months spent in Mali, Niger and Benin, still as intense. “This mission was physically very demanding, our group was close-knit and the tasks to be accomplished were fascinating.“, says the young man who was responsible, during what was his very first “opex”, to ensure the escort of several logistical convoys.

Ministerial thanks

Review of the troops and speech of thanks by the Secretary of State Patricia Mirallès.

Standing at attention on the track, facing the grandstand, the soldiers seem impressed by this multi-millennial decorum. And just as much by the presence of the Secretary of State with the Minister for the Armed Forces Patricia Mirallès who, in her warm speech, awarded them all the honors. And a huge thank you, obviously most sincere, for this page of their professional life that is turning.

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