In "Love is in the meadow", a contender gets angry: "I'm tense like the elastic of my underpants"

In “Love is in the meadow”, a contender gets angry: “I’m tense like the elastic of my underpants”

This is the year of arguments in this season 17 of “Love is in the meadow” on M 6. After the outbursts of voices of Sébastien Le Corse last week against one of his contenders, the spirits are are still warming up this Monday evening. First with Vincent, actor of one of the most legendary kiss sequences in the history of the show. Seeing him greedily kissing Laurence, it was to be expected that the bubbly Nathalie, with her Annie Cordy airs and her loud talk, wouldn’t take it very well, sitting alone at a table in the guinguette.

So when the cameras return to film the sequel, this fan of Johnny and bead paintings, which she makes in her spare time, does not mince words. “I’m tense like the elastic of my underpants,” she comments first. Back, she locks herself in her room nervously tugging on her imposing electric blue vaporizer.

When Vincent picks her up for dinner, she puts things right. “I understood but you should have avoided doing it in front of me, it’s called respect for the person. I’m not going to eat with you, I’m not going to hold the candle for you. I feel like I’ll never be happy because you made me believe things so much with your looks. After the discussion, the 50-year-old joins them anyway for a drink, but the pill is impossible to swallow, like the meal.

She goes on going up the towers: “I was very disappointed with your behavior with me, you hurt me, I’m not shit. It’s out of the question that you didn’t choose me, but to do it in front of me, she curses with a machine-gun flow. I’m not a five-week-old scrub rabbit. “And to conclude when night has fallen:” If I could leave on foot, I would break, I have the balls too much, I have the demon. »

After this difficult evening, Nathalie decides to leave the adventure the next morning. And will remain one of the most endearing and striking personalities of this new season.

“I can’t stand the outcry in front of people”

It’s hardly calmer in Normandy, at Alexandre, this fan of tuning tractors. The day before, Laura realized that it wouldn’t fit between them. Problem, she failed to control her emotions during a dinner with her friends and dried it. “I can no longer there, I felt an anguish to hurt my stomach,” she says in front of the cameras. But when leaving the farm, the argument starts up again with his farmer. Alexandre is offended by his behavior the day before, Laure can’t take it anymore. “He’s not listening, it’s useless,” she concludes before leaving once and for all. He will therefore try to start a story with the young Breton Annaïg.

Things are also heating up in the Allier at Alain’s. This breeder has a slight preference for Alain, his suitor with the same first name as him, more at ease in country life than Jean-Noël, a driving instructor with a big heart. And there again, it is in a restaurant that the tone will go up. The trio’s conversation ignites and the two suitors tear each other apart, Alain accusing his rival of cutting him off too much. “You don’t cut me off when I speak, I don’t cut you off,” he says. “Liar, OK, I’m going to shut my mouth,” Jean-Noël replies tit for tat. “Don’t get upset like that, you’re not 15, but calm down, calm down, I can’t stand the outcry in front of people,” concludes Alain the farmer. “It’s the competition that eats them up. He finally chooses his namesake to continue, begging him not to be noticed like that again.

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