In a club, alone or at school... Do you need a medical certificate to practice sport?

In a club, alone or at school… Do you need a medical certificate to practice sport?

The medical certificate is not mandatory for all sports. (© Illustration Adrien Favardin/Actu Marseille)

September is back-to-school month. But above all, sport is back. After two months of vacation, clubs are reopening and welcome children, but also adults, for a new season.

Football, judo, gymnastics, etc., all athletes are concerned. But every year, it’s the same refrain when filling out the licenses: do I need a medical certificate to register? tells you everything.

In club or not

Already, it is necessary to know if you intend to practice the sport in a club or alone, on your side.

Whether you have chosen a club affiliated with a sports federation or not, ” he may ask you to provide a medical certificate attesting to the absence of contraindications to the practice of the sport or discipline concerned”, indicates the site

This is not a legal obligation, but a condition linked to the club’s regulations. The frequency of presentation of the certificate is provided for by the internal regulations of this structure. The regulations differ depending on whether you are an adult or a minor.

Some federations may request medical certificates, but not necessarily every year.

This is the case, for example, of the French Football Federation which requests a certificate every three seasons for major players. However, a health questionnaire must be completed each year.

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For minors, they are no longer subject to the obligation to provide a medical certificateunless they answer “YES” to at least one question of the health questionnaire”, specifies the FFF.

The same goes for all “competition” licenses for each discipline, with some exceptions (see below).

For “leisure” licenses, without competition therefore, you must present a medical certificate dating from less than a year for the first license application. For renewals, the frequency of presentation of a new certificate is determined by the federations.

And without a club?

If you want to compete (a marathon for example), without being in a club, some organizations ask for medical certificates.

But this can be case by case: if the competition is organized by a federation, a certificate will be requested, if it is managed by a town hall or an association, the organizers are free to request it or not.

And at school ?

A medical certificate is not necessary for the practice of sport at school or for school federations such as the UNSS.

Some sports still require certificates

Some particular sports disciplines still require medical certificates of non-contraindication to sports practice.

These include combat, mechanical or weapon sports.

Here is the list :

  • mountaineering, scuba diving, caving;
  • parachuting ;
  • XV rugby, XIII rugby and VII rugby;
  • sports, practiced in competition, for which the fight can end by KO (English boxing, kickboxing, savate, etc.);
  • sports involving the use of firearms or compressed air (shooting, clay pigeon shooting, biathlon);
  • sports, practiced in competition, involving the use of vehicles, with the exception of radio-guided automobile model making (car sports, karting and motorcycling);
  • aeronautical sports practiced in competition, with the exception of aeromodelling (aerobatics, gliding, free flight, etc.).
The site has also developed a simulator to find out if you need a certificate, depending on your situation, your age and your discipline.

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