Immigration bill: Emmanuel Macron wants to rely on

Immigration bill: Emmanuel Macron wants to rely on “rural territories” for the reception of foreigners

This Thursday, September 15, Emmanuel Macron announced a bill on immigration for the beginning of the year 2023. He wishes in particular to rely on rural territories for a better distribution of foreigners.

Emmanuel Macron announced it this Thursday, September 15. “A bill relating to asylum, therefore immigration to the Republic, will be tabled from the beginning of 2023”, he announced to the prefects gathered at the Elysée, according to our colleagues from RFI.

According to Le Figaro, the Head of State described the current policy “absurd”, “ineffective and cruel”, because it “consists of putting women and men who arrive, who are in the greatest misery”, especially in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Relying on rural spaces

According to him, it is necessary to “reform our procedures to be able to go much faster and it is essential”. Our colleagues from Ouest-France also underline the will of the Head of State “to integrate much faster and much better those who even have a provisional title by language and by work”.

While evoking an improvement in the “effectiveness of deportation policies” at the borders of people in an irregular situation, the President defended the idea of ​​a better distribution of foreigners received by France, based on the “spaces rural areas, which are losing population”.

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