Images-shame in Kavala: A worker in a cafe was slapped because his coffee was late

Images-shame in Kavala: A worker in a cafe was slapped because his coffee was late

A 45-year-old man in Kavala was the victim of a beating by an owner and employee of a cafe in the city because, as the 45-year-old claimed, he was late in serving them coffee.

In the wild scene recorded by closed circuit surveillance is in the cafeteria with the enraged 45-year-old going so far as to slap the woman.

What happened

As described in a post on his Facebook page by the son of the owner of the cafe, Cleisthenis Tzakis, everything happened on Saturday morning:

“So such a ‘man’ made his appearance on Saturday morning 3/9/2022 in our city! A former retail professional, who with his wife owned a central kiosk in the city, and has been working as a taxi driver for the last few years. The reason for N.P., 45 years old, a taxi driver in Kavala, where he came to my work while he was NOT a customer, to take the pieces of his eldest son I.P. and his wife E.F. who gave us they were cursing, advertising and threatening us in our own shop because his coffee was late… he was nagging them for 10 whole minutes!”.

He himself, speaking to Mega, said that the 45-year-old’s son had ordered coffee over the phone, and after 10 minutes he appeared at the cafeteria asking for… change because his coffee was late, as he said. There, he argued with the landlady, he went back to his parents and then his father appeared and slapped the cafe owner.

“He said we found him. They then came to the shop, cursed us, threatened us. When my mother asked for the reason, he slapped her.”

She said:

“He (the 45-year-old’s son) came to ask me why his coffee was late from the time he ordered it. I told him that ‘first I will serve the people sitting here and then you’ (…) He went to his parents, I don’t know how he handled it, they insulted me and he punched me twice”.

Watch Mega’s video:

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