“I was called to sing in the Voice

“I was called to sing in the Voice


– Nobody knows me – this is an image that has been created. I’m different. Sometimes I make compromises. Life is ambiguous and much more complicated than the television format. Therefore, there are situations when you need to step over yourself.

ABOUT THE DESIRE TO Escape the Bustle

– Not even every second, but every first one from my environment writes how tired they are, how they need loneliness, how they want to escape somewhere. All the time I want to tell them: “Don’t work like that – no one drags it.” Nobody is forcing anyone. You just say: “No, I can’t pull this much work.” I very rarely agree to something, almost never, that is, I stretch my legs along the clothes. That’s exactly as much as I can stand, so much I take. Therefore, I have not yet got so tired of life, of work, so that I can run somewhere straight, some kind of solitude … I can close myself in a room or in my yard. I don’t have this madness. You see, you can’t stuff more into your mouth than you can swallow. My mother scolded me for this as a child. Therefore, exactly, dosed, as much as I can bear, I bite off as much.


– All advice is absolutely meaningless. Everyone has their own path, and everyone will make their own mistakes. Because people go into this profession very self-confident, very selfish – and they stay in this profession just like that. Whoever gives advice, everyone is on his own mind, everyone believes that he knows better and more. All this is like going to dry land, all these tips. The only thing that annoys me is the lack of punctuality. I’m a teacher’s daughter and I’m never late for anything. If a person comes to work on time and at least knows the text, it’s already great. And everything else is poured from empty to empty. There are disgusting people, there are nice people, there are kind people, there are evil ones. But here’s the talent, he’s like that, he visits not on the principle of “bad – good.”


I get job offers from time to time. But that I would be invited to such a promoted project, which is associated with a single presenter (and he has been leading it all these ten years), of course, it was very frightening for me. Of course it’s scary.


– It was a completely different format, unfamiliar to me. Of course, there was excitement, such a semi-conscious state. I liked working with people – they are all, absolutely all, bright individuals. I am grateful to fate that I have such a chance to communicate with interesting people. Their scene did not spoil, did not spoil, they do not have home preparations for the question: “How do you feel?” They did not come up with a biography that has nothing to do with them. As it is customary in show business, when everyone jokes too much, and you get tired already in the second minute of communication, because it is impossible to be sincere with such plastic people. You know that you are just wasting your time, because not a single question of yours will be a live, real emotion, but there will only be endless jokes and conversations about nothing. There are no such people on Golos, everyone here is sincere and real. You ask a question and the answer is the way it is. You see that a person thinks before saying something to you, and lives his only life, unlike anyone else, and for him this bright event is the Voice project. Participants live in this given, in these circumstances, and they are comfortable. Whether they win, they don’t win, whether they reach the final or not, it won’t affect their career in any way. They won’t make money from it. For me, they are all finalists, all winners. I feel such human warmth for them. And, I don’t know, it happened like a selection, they are all beautiful and open. I have never seen such a restrained crooked smile in my address like “well, my God, what are you doing here?”. Everyone was very happy with me. It inspires.


– They called me! I do not like to fight with anyone, to compete. There is such a breed of people, but I can’t be compared with someone, step over someone, defeat someone. I don’t have that competitive spirit. Therefore, she refused. I just don’t like it, nature is like that.


– How can, for example, an actor, actress say “old fool”? The key word is “old”. Nobody comes up to my mother and says: “You, mother, are an old fool” or “You are an ugly old woman.” Here is a red thread everywhere: “Go away! It’s time for you, let the young. So let the young! This is about the connection of times and about the young. I’m not a masochist, absolutely. I understand that if I go there (in social networks), then I will definitely face pain, it will be hard for me to perceive it. So I’m practically not there. When they get me very hard, especially if children are hurt, I write to them: “I will return it back to you, multiplied by a million, and it will come true for you. Walk and look around.” This is when all sorts of boundaries are already being crossed. Then I regret, I think: “Well, why did I get in touch with them? They were just waiting for this! Why, Lord? A soldier will not offend a child, but sometimes I answer very harshly.

(Alexandra Khmurkovskaya, RBC, 09/16/2022)

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