“I never thought freaks were a problem in show business”


– There are several songs in the works, “Don’t kneel” was recently released – we performed it together with Ivan, Nikolai Noskov and Igor Romanov. Here I act not only as a performer, but also as a co-author. It’s always nice to be a part of something big. There are concerts and tours. Autumn has started very actively. From the demo, the song suddenly grew into a ballad about something eternal. Victor Drobysh and Vladimir Kiselev also worked on it. Each of us put a part of ourselves into this work. Working on the song “Don’t Get on Your Knees” will be one of the best memories of the summer of 2022.


– We try this format for the first time. In principle, my music allows you to experiment with style and sound – for example, to make songs more rock. I hope the audience of the rock club was interested.


– I never considered freaks a show business problem. But here freak freak strife. When he propagates the wrong ideas, behaves unacceptably, of course, his appearance in the public space may have consequences. I would like to see not freaks, but real heroes of our time with heart-touching stories.


– I call my hobby “hugging on the floor”. I’m talking about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The degree of damage to the enemy in battle depends on the density of the capture, the strength of the hug. Until I do this sport at full strength, after the coronavirus, my joints suffered. That’s why I’m still studying practice.


– Here the situation is two-sided. Petya does not live in Moscow, he lives in the city of Pushkin near St. Petersburg. This is not my decision, but the decision of his mother in terms of convenience for the education and development of her son. This greatly limits the ability to communicate. I live in Moscow and regularly go on tour. Of course, if Peter were here, I would see him regularly when I had free time. Now that he is getting older, it is more interesting for me to communicate with him. I grew up without a father, and I do not have a global understanding of what a father is for. This experience needs to be gained. I won’t say that I consider myself a superdad, but I don’t consider myself bad either. I participate financially in my son’s life, I support him in everything. I hope that I am a worthy example for him. It so happened that in the summer we regularly go to Edita. True, Petya does not spend much time with his grandmother – he usually collects some utensils, builds huts.


– I want Petya to start doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It seems to me that it will be useful for a boy to understand his body, balance, and be able to stand up for himself. At the same time, there are no blows to the head, which is also important. This is a good sport from all sides, it will suit Petya very well. I learned that one of the best jiu-jitsu masters in our country, Abdulbari Huseynov, is training not far from Pushkin. I called him, we talked, agreed that Petya should try this sport. I hope that Natasha – Petya’s mother – will accept this challenge. And my son will do it.


– We have everything: both surprises and practical gifts. Now is the time when you first of all try to cover the basic needs. And since at work I now have much less events, I have to choose practical things. I remember we gave pictures, some collectible dishes. Grandmother, we handed a massage chair, a gazebo in the yard. I once brought some unusual scissors to my mother, she collects them.


– In our family it is excluded. Both my mother and grandmother can give me advice or criticize something I do, but this never happens in front of witnesses. When other people do not understand at all what it is about, they will interpret what they hear in their own way. Plus, I repeat, everyone has their own understanding of what is right and what is not. For me, public criticism is unacceptable and stupid.


– I consider the clinic my brainchild, I try to devote maximum time to it, I regularly speak as a speaker. And now I have moved on – I am actively involved in the fund for the prevention of child drug addiction. I do not voice the stories of patients, the principle of anonymity is at the forefront of the clinic. It doesn’t matter if a person is public or not, all people are equal in health improvement. Now there are a lot of dangerous synthetic drugs. Teenage drug addicts “skin” – they comb the entrances in search of other people’s bookmarks. So some of our patients found the substance and used it. They thought that this was one of the popular psychostimulants, but the substance turned out to be different – more powerful in action. The guys fell into a coma, then one of them woke up and called an ambulance. This is a very revealing case. It is better not to seek solace and joy in alcohol and drugs, but to manage with traditional joys – relationships, sports, work, and so on.


– Yes, it’s true, once a month in my clinic I inject iron. This is a routine procedure to maintain immunity.


– I probably could not do without a mat, and I don’t want to do without it. This is a cool paint that is not needed to intimidate or reveal some kind of emotional violence, it helps to play on contrasts or enhance emotions. For example, in one sentence there may be a cultural construction, and in another a mate. In contrast, it always looks impressive. At the same time, in the public space, I always “blur” mate. I think that I am criticized for these expressions, but I do not pay attention to it – I clearly know why I am doing this.


“I must be ashamed of myself. Sometimes it seems to me that I am somehow wrong: I look wrong, I do the wrong thing, I have not achieved what I wanted. But I, taught by the experience of psychotherapy, understand that this is just such a day when you are ashamed of everything. You just need to accept it. Shame is a rather flawed state in which one cannot be happy and adequately perceive others. There is only one way out – to take and cancel this shame. Think about your self-worth: you are a person who is valuable in your own right. And the higher my self-worth, the less shame in life.


– There are many reasons to be proud. No matter how they call me “golden boy” or “grandmother’s grandson”, I was able to become a famous singer from a street drug addict, and quite a good one at that. I give concerts, bring joy to the audience. I built a drug treatment clinic where we help people. I have a son, I financially help my family. At my age, I look good, play sports, stay sober and do not use, people respect me. This is my journey from shame to pride in myself.

(Alyna Lesyk, Gazeta.Ru, 06.10.2022)

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