Hungary: before an abortion, women now forced to listen to the heart of the fetus

Hungary: before an abortion, women now forced to listen to the heart of the fetus

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According to a new decree from the Orban government, Hungarian women will have to listen to the heartbeat of their fetus from this Thursday, September 15, before having an abortion.

A decree published this Monday 12 and entered into force this Thursday 15 September in Hungary obliges women forced to resort to an abortion to listen to the beating heart of their fetus.

From now on, the latter must submit a report issued by an obstetrician or a gynecologist proving that they have listened to their child’s heartbeat before terminating the pregnancy. Without this report, abortion cannot be performed.

“Almost two-thirds of Hungarians associate the start of a child’s life with the first heartbeat,” the Interior Ministry said on Monday (September 12).

However, remember that the notion of fetal heartbeat is particularly misleading, especially during the first weeks of pregnancy. Most medical experts agree that the sounds picked up during ultrasounds are usually generated by the ultrasound machine.

“Illiberal Democracy”

This new measure is part of the ultra-conservative policy implemented by Viktor Orban, who came to power in 2010, who claims the exercise of “illiberal democracy” and maintains cooperation links with Russia Vladimir Poutine.

This Thursday, the European Parliament proclaimed that Hungary was no longer a true democracy, at a time when Budapest is trying to give guarantees to Brussels on the fight against corruption in order to escape a suspension of European funding.

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