ios 16, Πώς να βρεις πρόσφατα διαγραμμένα μηνύματα στο iOS 16 και να τα ανακτήσεις

How to find recently deleted messages in iOS 16 and recover them

THE Apple introduced a number of new features iMessage in the iOS 16 and among them is the ability to edit or unsend messages, as well as mark them as unread.

Also, it introduced another useful option in the Messages app, for the user to check the recently deleted messages in a special section of the chat app.

The option to access messages you’ve deleted in the last 30 days, which is Apple’s default time frame in iOS 16, isn’t immediately visible.

1.Long press the message you want to delete and tap the delete option from the pop-up menu
2.A message will appear saying “Deleted messages have been moved to Recently Deleted”, press OK
3.Tap Edit > Recently Deleted
4.Now you can read and recover the messages you have deleted in the last 30 days

Apple even lets you tag all messages from a sender to a specific group and then restore them in bulk to your iMessage inbox with the Recover All option at the bottom.

Otherwise, there’s a Delete All option if you want to empty the bin before the 30-day protection period so that no one can read what you’ve deleted.

According to Apple “conversations show the days remaining before deletion” and “after that time, messages will be permanently deleted.” “This can take up to 40 days,” it says, so the 30-day rule can change.

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