How Jean-Jacques Goldman composed the new Trois Cafés Gourmands single

How Jean-Jacques Goldman composed the new Trois Cafés Gourmands single

“Excited, impatient, happy. » Mylène Madrias, Sébastien Gourseyrol and Jérémy Pauly, the Trois Cafés Gourmands (3CG), can’t wait to see the reception of their new single, « When? “, which they reveal this Thursday evening on their social networks. A title co-written and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, just that. The monument of French song had let it be known that he appreciated the universe of the Corrèze trio, revealed to the public in 2017 with “À Nos Souvenirs” (the clip peaks at 241 million views), a festive song that carries “Corrèze in a catheter”. When the group “got wind” that the author of “Songs for the Feet” was interested in him, he contacted him to hear from him and glean some advice.

It was at the end of 2019. An epistolary friendship was then forged, over “200 to 300 emails”, to wish each other Merry Christmas and joke. “We discovered that Jean-Jacques Goldman was very funny and very clever. We started with three jokes and our exchanges were immediately easy and fluid, ”says Mylène Madrias. Goldman wrote a few verses and composed music for 3CG. The text has evolved over the emails of corrections, proposals. “He had sent us two demos, says the group, we had an immediate crush with When ? says the group.

“He advised us to be ourselves”

The selected title calls for the awakening of consciences, with its verses that speak of “failed, unassumed acts, are the consequences ensured? When is there time left? Never ask when again, but it’s now for us, we don’t have time anymore…” The music sounds like a refrain from Goldman’s latest album, a folk sound, Irish music.

“We also had a violinist on the tour for our first album, says Sébastien Gourseyrol. Like him too, it was the public who brought us to success. We are not a product built by TV, we have woven a story with our audience. We are popular, unifiers. And popular is not a vulgar word. Who can remain indifferent on a stage in front of a packed house? Our training too, two men and one woman, is reminiscent of that of Fredericks Goldman and Jones”.

The group also breathes the DNA of Goldman by mixing simplicity, humility and modesty. He measures “the crazy luck, the privilege” of this collaboration. But no return of Goldman on the public scene. “He is well retired, laughs the trio. Even if we do not rule out working together again. He advised us to be ourselves! To listen to the silence of those who say nothing. »

The trio did not retain the second composition of the favorite artist of the French in his third opus, “La Promise”, which will be released on November 25. “We had a lot to say since our last album, released in 2020. We explore more personal subjects, such as the relationship of a father with his child, the rape of little girls, love, how we were kids at school”, says Mylène Madrias. The band signed to Parlophone (Warner Music) before the record company knew of the new single.

“The teams believed in us. The success of To Our Memories must not hide our other titles. We are not a one hit band. We have provided around sixty concerts since November, we have been touring for 10 years, ”recalls 3CG, who felt mistreated by certain record companies. “We were a UFO in the musical landscape. We filled concert halls, people bowed to us in offices, but didn’t take us seriously. »

Like Goldman, the musicians gave their best response to derogatory or nasty comments on stage. And tune their violin to salute “the crazy talent of Goldman which has not been replaced”, even if his songs continue to live on stage without him. For example through the group Goldmen, who brilliantly resumed their titles, or through the records and tour of the Goldman Heritage (including his faithful accomplice Michael Jones), in concert in Paris, this Sunday at the Olympia, and Monday at the Sports Palace.

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