Hérault: Pierre Bouldoire, first vice-president, resigns from the Departmental Council

Hérault: Pierre Bouldoire, first vice-president, resigns from the Departmental Council

The first vice-president of Kléber Mesquida, who did not attend the last sessions, went after a reflection started several months ago. He leaves his last political office at just 65 years old.

Pierre Bouldoire will no longer sit on the Hérault Departmental Council. The first vice-president sent this Sunday, September 4 his letter of resignation to President Kléber Mesquida.

The resignation of Pierre Bouldoire, who has just celebrated his 65th birthday, is not really a surprise. The former mayor of Frontignan did not attend the last three sessions, in particular that of the end of June, devoted to the vote on the 2022 budget. For several months, the cloth had been burning.

“Too many elected officials manage their mandate as a family heritage”

In charge of major files such as territorial solidarity – the first budget item -, the digital transition and innovation, Pierre Bouldoire has gradually withdrawn since the re-election of Kléber Mesquida, a little more than a year.

He did not adhere to an operation deemed too unambitious and lacking consultation. “The choice of comfort for this new mandate, which is taking place in line with the previous one, does not suit me, explains Pierre Bouldoire. Too many elected officials manage their mandate as a family heritage. The situation of the current world requires major changes of direction and not only in environmental matters.”

This spring, a “historic error” that seals the divorce

Last February, the presentation of the initial budget particularly displeased him. And the legislative elections of June have only accentuated the fracture between the two men, Kléber Mesquida opposing the alliance between socialists and Insoumis while his first vice-president appeared in support of Sylvain Carrière, candidate de la Nupes on the 8th district of Hérault, and evoked in public “a historical error” du trio Carole Delga – Kléber Mesquida – Michaël Delafosse.

After more than a semester of absence in the hemicycle and acting as a form of“inertia”, Pierre Bouldoire therefore chose not to complete his term of office and formalized his departure. A stop which at the same time marks the end of a rich political career. Mayor of Frontignan for four terms, from 1995 to 2020, president of the urban community of Sète from 2008 to 2014 and departmental councilor since 2008, he was the first vice-president of Kléber Mesquida since 2015.

The latter will now have to break down the important delegations of Pierre Bouldoire. He will do it “by October, depending on profiles and affinities”. He will also have to propose to the departmental assembly either to remain at fourteen vice-presidents, or to return to fifteen by organizing a vote around a joint list.

The tour of Jean-Franck Cappellini

It is Jean-Franck Cappellini who will replace Pierre Bouldoire numerically and will sit on the departmental council from September 23. The deputy of the first vice-president is not a novice in politics. Born in Montpelier, 56 years old and professor of mathematics at Joliot-Curie high school in Sète, he was municipal councilor of Balaruc-les-Bains from 2008 to 2020, in charge of sport and culture. In 2015, for lack of agreement with the PS, he had for the first time launched into the battle of the Departmental under the communist banner. A situation that did not happen again five years later: union helping, this time he had been the substitute for Pierre Bouldoire. Jean-Franck Cappellini will be received this Thursday morning by Kléber Mesquida.

Kleber Mesquida: “I don’t understand”

Kléber Mesquida received Pierre Bouldoire’s letter of resignation on Tuesday. The chairman of the Department “does not understand” the decision. “On February 24, he did not wish to present his budget for territorial solidarity, reproaching me for an insincere display budget. We were coming out of the 2021 financial year and a crisis which had impacted our budget by €140 million. ” We had to tighten the budget and display ambitions in line with our means. And since then, I have not seen him again in session. He could have come to explain himself to his colleagues. In fact, there has never been There was no confrontation between us, no direct conflict. There was just this February 24…”

On the lack of ambition, Kléber Mesquida reacts: “Pierre Bouldoire had important delegations. He always had full latitude to manage his budget. I never interfered in anything”.

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