“Hartz and cordial”: Finally found a new tenant for Dagmar’s (†) house

Until her death, Dagmar lived next to the Benz barracks in Mannheim. Since then, not only fans of “Hartz und cordial” have been wondering what will become of their little house.

Dagmar’s (†) pride: 64 square meters of living space and an almost 900 square meter garden, which she planted with a lot of love. Since the death of the “Hartz und Herzen” protagonist, the property has been neglected, a sight that hurt the souls of the neighbors. Elvis had big plans: “We would have liked to rent it as a community, several people, to keep it, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to.” He would have liked to have made a kind of memorial out of it – for fans, friends, family.

Most recently, Michael cleared the yard and shed on behalf of the new owners. Now the caretaker gave an update on social media.

With his buddy Lothar, he made a statement, as he has often been asked: “The house has been sold. The house will also be ‘ripped off’ at some point. I will live in it and also manage the house and also clean the property.” Michael will therefore live in the house until it is demolished, and he will also have a say in what happens to the property afterwards. As Michael continues to tell, the fate of the house will also be the subject of the new episodes “Hartz and warmly”. It is not yet clear when these will be broadcast.

Hartz and cordial: “You are simply a good soul”

Fans are already celebrating Michael for the decision. “Thank you Michael, our world needs people like you,” it says.

Another fan comments: “It’s definitely in Dagmar’s spirit. It’s just a shame that it was sold and later demolished. Michael, I wish you the best of luck and contentment in this house. It’s in good hands with you. Dagmar will wave to you from cloud 7 and send you a satisfied smile.”

“Hartz and warmly” runs on RTLZWEI Monday to Friday at 1:55 p.m

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