Glory sang about the correct reaction to treason

Glory sang about the correct reaction to treason

Film Zero. The godfathers of showbiz” about the development of the music industry will be aired on the Muz-TV channel on September 24, 2022. It will become part of the series of documentary premieres “Zero”, which started on Muz-TV in the autumn season. As the press service of the TV channel told InterMedia, it will tell who ignited the main stars of the 2000s, without which it is impossible to imagine the Russian stage today, how the producers cashed in on the young and inexperienced, and what the artists had to go through so that the whole country would know about them.

In particular, the producer of the Mumiy Troll group, Leonid Burlakov, will remember how he knocked on closed doors and how much money he spent on his wards.

– Then the prices were quite: some major publications, journalists took 1.5 thousand dollars for an article to place it. He invested everything in Mumiy Troll, in recordings, in promotion. Personally, before meeting with Shulgin, I spent about 30 thousand, – says Leonid Burlakov.

The journalists of the channel will consider the phenomenon of such unique groups as “Disco Crash” and “Hands Up”, which decided to conquer show business on their own. In the film “Zero. The godfathers of showbiz” on “Muz-TV” the stars told who financed them.

– It was also necessary to invest money in the group, respectively, they had to be taken somewhere, from different entrepreneurs – semi-bandits, – admits Alexei Serov from Disco Crash:

The creators of “Hands Up” Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin began their careers on radio in Samara. In an archived interview with Muz-TV, young Sergey Zhukov recalled how they fell for an unscrupulous manager who deceived them and took almost all the money.

“We went to bed and made a wish, Lord, send some money, or a jacket, otherwise it’s winter outside, and we walk in windbreakers,” said the artist. – This is a question for a bad producer, from whom we soon left. We got into his awesome foreign car and drove out of town, he showed: “Here, I bought a house, we will go to barbecue with you. And we came home after that, sat down like this: “I didn’t understand something. We kind of work 50/50 with the producer, and he already has a house, a yacht, and how much do we have there?

In the film, Muz-TV journalists will tell you what sacrifices the stars had to make to please the producers. For example, the producer could force her to change her hair or lose weight in the shortest possible time, as happened with Katya Lel.

– Max [Максим Фадеев] he told me that I was fat, – the singer recalls. – I told him: “Am I fat?”. He told me: “How much do you weigh”? 53 kg! You should weigh 46 for Marmalade. 3 months was a complete hardcore, I did not eat anything. There were barbells every day. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and I’ll never do it again!

Film Zero. Godfathers of Showbiz” will also tell about how “Ivanushki International” got its name, which is why Dima Bilan was in conflict with Yuri Aizenshpis at the very beginning of his career, and how producers bought and sold stars like goods.

The broadcast starts at 16.00.

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