Gers: the premiere of the Le Son de La Nuit festival organized in Duran sold out

Gers: the premiere of the Le Son de La Nuit festival organized in Duran sold out

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This Saturday, September 10, in Duran, the first edition of the Le Son de La Nuit festival will be sold out. The event organized in a nod to the nightclub La Nuit will honor rock’n’roll.

“The Le Son de La Nuit festival aims to revive rock music in the Auch and Duran sector,” explains Denis Cassaing, instigator of the event. The bet seems to have already been won for this first edition, since all the places on sale have found takers since July. “Until the end of the 90s, there was a discotheque called La Nuit, located in Duran, where all the Auscitain youth went. The establishment played rock music and was also a concert hall. And in this room, during the 90s, there were very large French and foreign rock groups which performed,” recalls Denis Cassaing, president of the association Le Son de La Nuit, organizer of the festival.

A bit nostalgic for that time, the latter then took it into his head to create an event giving pride of place to rock. “The idea came to me during the first confinement. Passing by the old nightclub, I said to myself: why not organize a rock festival right next to it, to pick up the story where it left off,” recalls Denis. A whimsical idea that will however meet with great enthusiasm. “I talked about it around me and many people recognized themselves in this project, because all the people of my generation grew up with this music. This rock culture brings us together, and today there are about fifteen of us in the association, plus around 60 volunteers, a year after its creation, ”shares Denis Cassaing, a volunteer time at the Kiosq’n’rock festival in Mirande.

Patrick Coutin headlining

Saturday, from 6 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., at a place called “Aux Champs” in Duran, no less than 1,700 rock’n’roll fans will be able to admire the performances of several groups and DJs, for some, far from to be a stranger to the place. “The idea was to recontact the disc jockeys who left their mark on La Nuit, so that they could play the discs of the time. Four accepted: Jean-Jacques Bourgade, Alberto ‘Kiki’ Martin, Alex Rossi and Christophe Juillard. There will also be four concerts, headlined by Patrick Coutin. It’s another nod because he did an 80s hit ‘I Like Watching Girls’. A song that played every night at the nightclub, ”shares the president of the association Le Son de La Nuit.

“There will be three young groups, because the past is good, but you also have to live in the present, with: Renarde, Blind Delon and The Spitters”, concludes Denis Cassaing, impatient to hear the first musical notes. resonate just a stone’s throw from the discotheque of all his youth.

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