Georgiadis clarifications on the Maraveya case -

Georgiadis clarifications on the Maraveya case – “SYRIZA is talking about a non-existent case”

The Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, commented, in the Parliament, on the criticisms of the main opposition MP Yiannis Sarakiotis, speaking of SYRIZA’s fierce anti-parliamentarianism.

For fierce anti-parliamentarianism of SYRIZAin an insignificant story, the Minister of Development and Investments spoke from the floor of the Parliament, Adonis Georgiadesreferring to the case of the investment plan of the wife of the ND MP, K. Maraveya.

Commenting on the criticisms of the main opposition member of parliament Yannis Sarakiotis that “minister approved funding of 4.2 million for his party MP and no one is apologizing because the scandal was revealed before it was completed”Mr. Georgiadis emphasized that SYRIZA is talking about a case that does not exist: (Plan) “it has not been approved, no gazette has been issued for this investment, it has never been signed by the general manager. He got pre-approved on the provisional board, which is done automatically by filing. That’s why we’ve been talking for so many days.”

In his intervention, as part of the drafting of the Business Parks bill by the competent parliamentary committee, Mr. Georgiadis underlined that “in order for any investment to proceed, a nominal gazette must be issued, signed by the general manager of Investments, Mr. Lambrinos. Such a signature was never entered, such gazette was never issued, hence the approval [..] not done. “[..] I challenge you to say whether the minister has any involvement with approvals of this type and at this stage. Has not. Approvals stop at the general manager level. They don’t reach the minister”, noted Mr. Georgiadis and added: “It would be unthinkable for (Deputy Minister of Private Investments N. Papathanasis) or Georgiadis to know if the name Tokas belongs to the wife of an ND MP. I admit, I didn’t know. I learned about it from Mr. Polakis’ post.”

He also mentioned that the pre-approval of this plan was not done at the expense of anyone else. “Those who applied and met the requirements of your law were all pre-approved. Like everyone, so does wife Maraveya”said Mr. Georgiadis addressing Mr. Sarakiotis.

“I will not start looking for how many SYRIZA executives, how many business friends of SYRIZA got approval for investment plans of the SYRIZA development law. I consider it wrong. There is no political criterion in whether you should take it or not. [..] Any eligible citizen is eligible to enter. Criticism of SYRIZA is not just populism but also fierce anti-parliamentarianism.” pointed out the Minister of Development and Investments.

Earlier, Mr. Sarakiotis had said that the grants were not used “probably because he got caught on his own”. He also asked if “there is a bank that approved a loan for this particular investment project.”

In fact, addressing the present minister, the member of parliament of the official opposition said: “Will you finally show some sense? Or will your morality hide behind legality?’

Finally, Mr. Sarakiotis concluded: “Minister approved 4.2 million euros in funding for his party’s MP and no one apologizes because the scandal was revealed before it was over.”

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