George Pickens: Steelers rookie WR frustrated and says Trubisky isn't looking for him

George Pickens: Steelers rookie WR frustrated and says Trubisky isn’t looking for him

LThe offensive problems are very clear in the field of Pittsburgh Steelersas fans and players alike are frustrated that the team has only scored 27 offensive points in the first two games this season, with Mitchell Trubisky just throwing two touchdown passes and one of them to his tight end.

Steelers rookie WR George Pickens says he is mostly free

Naturally, wide receivers shouldn’t be happy with the team’s offensive performance, and the rookie George Pickens he has been the first to speak up and asked to get more involved as he feels he doesn’t have a chance to make an impact on the game.

He even went on to say that it was open 99% of the time during the Week 2 loss to the Patriots last Sunday, and explained how being a big guy running in the low 4.4s gives you an advantage.

“I always step on someone and my stride is naturally longer than the other person’s, and I’m actually fast. I’m always going to step and I always feel like, 99 percent of the time, I’m open regardless.” that the ball gets into the air and (the defender) has time to recover… But I’m open as soon as I get off the line,” he said. Pickens to journalists.

Trubisky and the Steelers offensive coordinator responded

After that George Pickens told the media that he is always open, some took it as a blow to the quarterback Mitchell Trubiskywho appears to have gotten the message and told reporters he can take downfield shots.

“I think I could look for 14 (Pickens) more often”.

Matt Canadathe offensive coordinator of the Steelersalso said he wants the rookie wide receiver to have more opportunities to showcase his talents, as he would love for him to get more involved.

Those who have been to practice and camp know how talented he is. Canada.

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