«Игры Ирбизека» прошли на стадионе «Спартак» (фоторепортаж)

“Games of Irbizek” were held at the stadium “Spartak” (photo report)

The Spartak stadium in Gorno-Altaisk hosted the national all-around competition Ibrizektin Oyyndary – Irbizek Games, named after the legendary Altai batyr, for the third time.

The competition was attended by representatives of all districts and the city, a two-time winner of the “Irbizek Games” Alexander Temdekov (Ulagansky district), the absolute winner of “El-Oiyn” in kuresh Evgeny Yadrushkin (Chemal), the winner of “El-Oiyn” in lifting the stone Yuri Tishkov (Choya), the absolute winner of “El-Oiyn 2022” in raising the stone Buuchay Sandykov (Ongudaysky district), world champion in combat sambo Stepan Kobenov (Gorno-Altaisk).

The games included five sports.

Won the 400 meters Dmitry Malofeev from Shebalino (57.34 seconds), second place Aidar Sanalov from Ulagan (58 seconds), third place – Buuchay Sandykov from Ongudai (58.03 seconds).

In the competition for knocking out 12 bowls with a woven leather whip (kamcha), Stepan Kobenov took the first place with a result of 9.16 seconds, Aidar Sanalov took second place (11.06 seconds), and Dmitry Malofeev took third place (11.13 seconds).

In archery at recumbent skittles from two positions, prizes were distributed as follows: first place – Aidar Sanalov (28 points), second place – Stepan Kobenov (26 points), third place – Vyacheslav Vasiliev from Ust-Kan (19 points).

In the absolute championship in kuresh, Aidar Sanalov was in the lead, Buuchay Sandykov was in second place, and Vyacheslav Vasiliev was in third.

Transferring a stone to a distance (a special bag filled with sand, weighing 100 kg): first place – Buuchay Sandykov (250 meters, game record), second place – Aidar Sanalov (130 meters), third place – Vyacheslav Vasiliev (111.7 meters ).

The winner in the pentathlon was determined by the smallest sum of places occupied in each sport.

Aidar Sanalov from Ulagan took the first place with 8 points, Stepan Kobenov from Gorno-Altaysk (18 points) took the second place, Vyacheslav Vasiliev from Ust-Kan took the third place (20 points).

All participants received valuable gifts, the winners – medals, certificates and cash prizes. Special prizes from the newspaper “Altaidyn Cholmony” were given to Buuchay Sandykov (“For the will to win”), Aidar Sanalov (“For the most beautiful fight”). “The prize of the sports school of martial arts “Irbizek” was given to Buuchay Sandykov, Aidar Sanalov, Vyacheslav Vasiliev.

The organizer and ideological inspirer of the competition was the deputy of the State Assembly Aydar Myzin. Main judge – Ayabas Yaitakovaccording to the press service of the city administration.

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