Fuel shortage: can the government requisition striking employees as some are asking?

Fuel shortage: can the government requisition striking employees as some are asking?

Faced with the fuel shortage currently affecting France, can the State requisition refineries? Explanations.

The situation becomes extremely tense at the gas pump. For several days, with the strike of the refineries, which demand among other things a better salary, the number of service stations closed due to non-refueling explodes.

Result, the motorists left on the tile go up to the crenel. A union of caregivers notably requested last week the requisition of service stations for caregivers and the National Federation of Taxis requests that this profession be given priority access to pumps. The question then arises: when is the requisitioning of workers possible?

Using the hard way, only solution?

To unblock this situation, the State can, if it wishes, requisition a refinery and send tanker trucks to recover fuel, and resupply dry service stations, specifies AFP, quoted by CNews.

As a reminder, in 2010 already, the government had already resorted to requisitioning refineries by force. On the other hand, it is difficult to envisage this situation reoccurring in 2022, given the additional tensions that could arise.

In addition, according to the law, it is possible to requisition striking employees only in the event of an emergency, if the strike prevents the operation of essential services, such as intervention vehicles, details France info.

At the local level, only a temporary prefectural decree can force striking employees to return to work in order to ensure at least the transport of fuel to the stations, if “the observed or foreseeable breach of good order, health, tranquility and public safety requires it”, indicates the General Code of Territorial Collectivities.

Opposition voices rise

In this context, several voices in the opposition considered that the requisition should not be excluded to release the stocks. “No solution should be ruled out” and “in the extreme case where we are unable to unblock the situation and TotalEnergies assumes a blocking strategy, then I think that indeed, we should not rule out requisitioning”, said called this Sunday, October 9 the acting president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella on France Inter.

Republican presidential candidate Bruno Retailleau also asked on the Grand Jury set on Sunday RTL “requisitions to release the production force of our refineries. When there is obstruction, there are principles of law that the public force can perfectly enforce. The government is in the process of discarding, “he said. he judges.

“We must not hesitate” in the face of the blocking of refineries, with “the requisition or the threat of requisition to release stocks”, had for his part hammered the president LR of the Hauts-de-France regional council Xavier Bertrand last week last.

For the time being, the government ensures that it does not favor requisition. “We have seen in the past, in certain conflicts of this type, that there may have been requisition decisions taken, that they had been of limited effectiveness”, said Gabriel Attal on Monday, October 10, Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts.

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