Frontignan: the Festipop is making a comeback this Saturday, September 10

Frontignan: the Festipop is making a comeback this Saturday, September 10

The Festipop, a traditional meeting around urban cultures and current music, takes place on Saturday September 10 on the plan du Bassin in Frontignan.

After three of the most complicated years – but what public cultural event has not had to suffer from the Covid19 pandemic -, the Festipop is making its big comeback on the front of the stage, this Saturday, September 10 on the Basin plan , and no longer in arenas as was the case before.

With the support of Secours Populaire

It is indeed in this place that since 2004, the Festipop, with the support of the Secours Populaire Français, aims to involve young people in solidarity by various means, while ensuring the dissemination, promotion and development of urban cultures in the broad sense, and the means of expression they offer to all, through sport, art, culture.

From 5 p.m. on the Bassin map

For this big return, the meeting of urban cultures and contemporary music is therefore closer to the city center and offers an evening with free admission (free participation) from 5 p.m. The organizers, including CUSF (Urban Cultures Without Borders), want to open this solidarity festival with a social purpose to as many people as possible. Visitors will be able to gather around the Festibar and the Restopop where they can quench their thirst and eat at very affordable prices (soft drinks, local craft beer, sandwiches, snacks, meal trays).

What the Festipop has made it possible to finance

During its previous editions, the Festipop succeeded in raising funds for the construction of water tanks and a water tower in Morocco, the renovation of a house for street children in Romania, an action against malnutrition among precarious students in France, the construction of five water wells in Niger, the discovery of ski holidays for 20 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Or the financing of a solidarity bus Solidaribus, a mobile branch of the Secours populaire français which allows students to meet students in front of universities.

Music, workshops, demonstrations

Against a background of reggae music with TravelSounds HiFi feat MC & Dj’s, young participants will also find information and awareness stands, street art exhibitions, as well as graffiti and skateboarding demonstrations. This is enough to spend a good evening which will end at one o’clock in the morning.

Accessible to all audiences

We should also point out that this festival, which is going to live its eighteenth edition, is really aimed at all audiences since it allows people with disabilities (visual impairments, reduced motor skills, deafness, etc.) able-bodied people to meet and share a common passion and to promote all cultural and artistic practices.

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