From the social network “Vkontakte” it will be possible to make an appointment with a doctor

The VK platform launches a service for making an appointment with a doctor and a mini-app for car owners. Both tools are integrated with the State Services portal.

New Services

Services for making an appointment with a doctor and a mini-application (mini-app) for car owners will soon appear on the VK platform. The emergence of new services was announced by the head of the holding Vladimir Kirienko. Both tools will be integrated with the Gosuslugi portal. Users will be able to take advantage of the new services without leaving the Vkontakte social network.

“Together with the Ministry of Digital Development, we have identified two key services that will be launched on a federal scale in the near future,” said Kiriyenko. – The “Health” section will appear in the “Gosuslugi” mini-app “Vkontakte”, thanks to which users will have access to an appointment with a doctor, as well as the “Auto” section. It will also be available to receive state notifications in the VK messenger.

The user can connect notifications about public services “Vontakte” at will.


About 42 thousand applications have been created on the VK Mini Apps platform

It is reported that the Auto mini-app will provide quick access to the vehicle registration certificate (CTC).

“It will also be possible within the framework of a single application,” Kiriyenko emphasized.

Similar tools on “Gosuslugi”

Earlier, CNews wrote that the Ministry of Digital Transformation had updated the service for making an appointment with a doctor on the Gosuslugi portal. Now the platform is able to determine the clinic to which the user is assigned, available medical specialists and free time slots for recording. In June 2022, 58 regions of Russia connected to the service of calling a doctor at home through the State Services.

As for services for motorists, on the portal you can not only register your vehicle, but also sell it or buy a new one. In the summer of 2022, the Ministry of Digital Development, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, launched an electronic service that allows you to conclude a sales contract online at Gosuslugi. In addition, the Europrotocol Online service appeared in the State Services Author mobile application, which helps drivers issue a notice of an accident without calling a police officer and filling out paper forms.

About VK mini-apps

Recall that VK Mini Apps services are web applications that allow you to solve various problems without leaving Vkontakte: top up your transport card account, order food or a taxi, make acquaintances, look for work. The platform is open, so anyone can make an application. Most of the projects were invented by independent developers, but big business is also represented on the platform.

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IT industry support

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The VK Mini Apps platform appeared on the social network several years ago. In 2018, the company had only about ten partner services. By Q3 2020, the number of active mini-apps reached 22.6 thousand, and the monthly active audience of VK Mini Apps exceeded 28 million. most used gadgets.

Today, as the ex-development director of the Vkontakte super-application told CNews Anton Tsivarev, the VK Mini Apps platform is used by more than 40 million people a month. In total, about 42 thousand active applications have been created, among which there are entertainment and information services, marketing tools and full-fledged applications, such as VKontakte Food, VKontakte Health, VKontakte Dating.

According to the results of the 1st quarter of 2022, it turned out that the number of mini-applications increased by 43% over the year. The monthly audience of mini-apps increased by 8.4% in a year. The monetization of mini-apps and games on the VK Mini Apps platform also grew: in-app advertising revenue jumped by 89% in Q1 2022 compared to the same period a year earlier.

In June 2022, VK ​​expanded the functionality of the VK Mini Apps platform: now mini app developers can integrate various ways to earn income in Odnoklassniki as well. When publishing a service in the mini-application catalog, it can be placed in this social network, and then advertising monetization will turn on automatically.

How VK cooperates with the Government

In June 2022 Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko and Vladimir Kiriyenko signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation. It was assumed that VK technologies would help develop digital services not only for users, but also for employees of government departments.

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Import substitution VKS


The company entered into a similar agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with the Russian Ministry of Education. VK representatives announced that they would cooperate to develop education at all levels – to promote digital solutions in the educational field and online learning technologies, improve the qualifications of teachers, and interact with parental and professional communities.

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