From abortion to bullfighting or when the Assembly goes from laughter to tears

From abortion to bullfighting or when the Assembly goes from laughter to tears

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While by dint of work, LFI and the majority succeeded this Thursday in reaching a consensus in the Assembly on the constitutionalization of abortion, Aymeric Caron was forced to withdraw his text on bullfighting.

This victory, they intend to claim it. As soon as the session was suspended at 1 p.m., Mathilde Panot rushed to the four-column room to welcome the future inclusion of abortion in the Constitution. But a few meters from her, in the shadows, surrounded by far fewer journalists, the real winner is there. He sums up Erwan Balanant. It is, in fact, the amendment of this Modem deputy which allowed the Assembly to vote for the constitutionalization of abortion. A look back at a day that started off badly for LFI.

It is 11:17 a.m. when an LR deputy gets up: “we have time, we have the day…”. And his time, Marc Le Fur takes it by detaching his words to defend an amendment on… the return to the seven-year term. Since 9 a.m., the deputies have been studying the inclusion of abortion in the constitution, but the opponents have decided to obstruct. And the majority plays it. Instead of saving time by keeping silent, the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, endeavors to answer everything: “I find your amendment not bad and I propose a sub-amendment aimed at making it retroactive because I I would do two more years with Macron, ”he says. Immediately, the RN proposed a new text stating that “to be a member of the French government, you must be of French nationality”. “You realize the spectacle that we give”, takes offense to the elected Modem Bruno Millienne…

“I see a lot of cowardice in some” denounces Aymeric Caron

It is almost noon when the study of the article on the registration of abortion in the constitution really begins. In the ranks of LFI some are worried: if the debates drag on, the text on bullfighting will fall by the wayside. But Erwan Balanant will stop time by proposing an amendment allowing abortion to be included in the constitution without including contraception as provided for in the text of LFI. Two other amendments, a PS and a Modem, propose not to include the text in article 1 of the constitution but in article 66.2. They are also voted causing a new twist: Marine Le Pen withdraws its reservations. Within minutes, the planets align.

“Modem, Horizons, Renaissances and Nupes, we all worked together,” Erwan Balanant then confides to us. This is a first for the majority, which has therefore agreed to leave the sacrosanct republican arc defined by Emmanuel Macron after the legislative elections. It is 4:35 p.m. when the text, by a rare moment of harmony, is adopted by 337 votes against 32.

The discussion on bullfighting can begin. She won’t last long. After a few sluggish speeches, facing a half-empty hemicycle, MP Aymeric Caron takes the microphone: “I see a lot of cowardice in some people”, he says, pale with rage before adding, “there are 480 amendments, I am forced to withdraw this text”. The bronca is general. The chairman of the law commission reminds the deputy that resources have been allocated to him to draft his text, that other deputies have worked on it… “I find that you have shown very little courage”, says Sacha Houlie. All the groups want to continue the discussion, the cries and the invectives are back in the hemicycle. Room of the four columns, the deputy of Hérault Patrick Vignal regrets it “it is the opposite of the fraternity that we saw on the abortion”, he smiles sadly before resuming his train for Montpellier.

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