Friend on Turkish provocation: "It is obvious that we have passed to another level" -

Friend on Turkish provocation: “It is obvious that we have passed to another level” –

Greek-Turkish relations have reached another level, the international expert, Constantinos Filis, estimates with concern, commenting on Turkey’s latest challenges.

Speaking on a morning show on the ANT1 television station, the renowned internationalist commented on the latest developments, focusing on the Turkish provocation as well as the Greek and international reaction.

The statements of the Security Council of Turkey are worrying

Answering the question about what the Turks are preparing, with their latest moves, Mr. Filis commented: “It is obvious that we have moved to another level, to another track, and I do not feel particularly relieved by the fact that the national council of Turkey said that all legal means will be used because they include the legal means of self-defense”.

“And Akar on Sunday pointed out that since Greece is arming the islands – something they consider an “aggressive” move, they are “legitimated” to exercise their right to self-defense,” he added.

The attempt to gain legitimacy is a constant tactic

Filis even noted that it is a permanent tactic to try to gain legitimacy even if it is unfounded and weak, and brought the example of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 under the guise of the guarantor force.

He went on to make two points: First, the Turkish President has not yet decided what he will do internally with the elections, nor in his country’s foreign policy. Secondly, he made it clear that Turkey is being upgraded because of Ukraine with a strengthened and empowered new role but what it gains with Ukraine “cannot be transformed into something at the expense of Greece”.

“Erdogan is trying to stimulate the reflexes of the nationalist audience”

Regarding the electoral scenarios, in the neighboring country, the director of the Institute of International Affairs of Pantheon and Professor at the American College of Greece underlined that Erdogan is trying to stimulate the reflexes of the nationalist audience with little success as he characteristically stated: “The Turkish citizen, like every citizen deals with his daily life. He doesn’t care about “militarization”.

Regarding the Turkish president’s foreign policy, K. Filis said that “Erdogan has not taken any further steps, he will follow them, but as far as Greece is concerned, things are clear”, adding that the Americans, facing the Russian danger, as they perceive it “It is certain that they will not allow anyone within NATO to cause a rift at this critical stage.”

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