France: School bans wearing slippers

France: School bans wearing slippers

In the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, a middle school has banned students from wearing flip-flops. The official reason given by the Collège Elsa-Triolet was the lack of protection for the students during chemistry experiments, a teacher told the newspaper “Le Parisien”.

When the students were handling chemicals, slippers didn’t offer enough protection. In principle, only religious symbols or clothing with religious references are forbidden in France’s schools. However, correct clothing is required of the pupils, which has already led to bans on crop tops and ripped jeans, for example.

In any case, schoolgirls interviewed by the Pariser Zeitung do not think much of a ban on slippers. “There are too many rules about how we dress,” says Mariam, 14. “For me, slippers are more hygienic, you don’t smell your feet,” she argues.

Her friend Laëtitia, 15, says slippers make you feel freer, especially when it’s hot. “If we’re allowed to wear sneakers, why not slippers,” says Léa. The Paris high school student Agathe explains that the slipper fashion is already over. “No one comes in slippers anymore, but everyone should be able to dress the way they want,” she told the “Parisien”.

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