Fête des 400-Coups: a device to ensure the safety of the 50,000 visitors expected

Fête des 400-Coups: a device to ensure the safety of the 50,000 visitors expected

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Like every year, the 400 Coups will come to animate the city of Montauban from September 9 to 11. To ensure the security of the site, the municipality has therefore deployed an important system.

D-2 before the start of the traditional 400 Coups festival in Montauban. A few hours before the launch of the festivities, this Friday, the Cours Foucault is preparing to welcome the crowd. In total, between 40,000 and 50,000 people are expected at this large-scale event. And to allow this event to take place in complete safety and serenity, an important system has been put in place by the municipality.

Forty municipal agents mobilized

Concretely, the device will be almost the same as in previous editions. Dynamic patrols will be put in place to provide maximum security. To do this, almost all of them, i.e. around forty municipal police officers, will be mobilized on site to ensure the peace of the public. The only change for this 32nd edition, however, is the return of the cavalcade, canceled in other years due to the health situation. “We have a parade of floats that will leave from the Villebourbon sector, so we will organize the circulation of the route to ensure the sustainability of the parade”, explains Patrick Carballo, director of the municipal police of the City of Montauban.

In addition, the bulk of the device will also consist in regulating the inputs. “Filtering with visual searches will be provided at the two entrances to the fair, on the 17th side and on the central aisle to ensure that people do not enter with prohibited objects”, specifies the director. In total, about fifteen security guards will take care of these excavations, but also to monitor the fair at night.

Finally, the national police officers will come to reinforce the workforce, as every year. “We will have two crews. It can vary between six and ten agents. But the major part of the demonstration will be ensured in autonomy by our services and what the community implements ”, underlines the chief of the municipal police.

Video surveillance, concrete pads and anti-intrusion barriers

On the material side, here too the municipality has equipped itself. Concrete pads and anti-intrusion barriers will be installed to guarantee the sustainability of the site. The approaches to the roads will also be neutralized at the level of the Avenue du 10e-Dragon, right through at the level of the roundabout at the 17th and rue du Dr-Labat.

For its part, the park will of course be equipped with video surveillance to have a visual view of the central aisle, considered to be the busiest. “And a security PC will be installed within the Léo-Ferré school, with the first aid station located in the gymnasium”, specifies Patrick Carballo.
“The principle is that we secure the perimeter as a whole so that the party is beautiful and that everything goes well,” he concludes.

One of the largest funfairs in the South West

The start of the festivities is scheduled for Friday, September 9 from 3 p.m. for the fairground attractions. The party will be in full swing until Sunday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m. For three days, the public will be able to enjoy around a hundred rides installed in the Cours Foucault park, with some new features for this 32nd edition. In parallel with the carnival, other activities will punctuate this festival for a weekend. Bodegas, concerts and float parades on Saturday and Sunday will be offered to the public. And in total, between 40,000 and 50,000 people are expected.

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