Feria de Nîmes: Antonio Arévalo's tribute to the three greats of French bullfighting

Feria de Nîmes: Antonio Arévalo’s tribute to the three greats of French bullfighting

The Franco-Spanish writer publishes a book devoted to Nimeño, Juan Bautista and Sébastien Castella.

The three greats of French bullfighting is the latest book by Franco-Spanish journalist and writer Antonio Arévalo, which he wrote mano a mano with his father, José Carlos. Born in Madrid, now living in Bordeaux, Antonio Arévalo has already written extensively on bullfighting. We owe him in particular works on Emilio de Justo, Curro Diaz, Daniel Luque.

He decided this time to pay tribute to Nimeño, Juan Bautista and Sébastien Castella. The first was the pioneer. The other two are the ones who followed in his footsteps the most. All three are unquestionably the greatest ambassadors of French bullfighting. “They all three left a mark”, says the author who is impatiently awaiting the return of the Biterrois announced for the temporada 2023 which he will launch at the start of the year in Manizales in Colombia during a single against six.

Journey, testimonials and photos

In the first part, Antonio Arévalo and his father retrace the paths of Nîmes, Arlésien and Biterrois. The second part is made up of conversations with Juan Bautista, Sébastien Castella and Alain Montcouquiol, Nimeño’s brother. In the third part, the outstanding faena of each of them is told. “Sébastien Castella recounts the one he carried out with a bull from Alcurrucen in May 2015 in the bullring of Madrid when he cut off two ears. Juan Bautista talks about the fight delivered to a bull from La Quinta in Mont de Marsan in July 2017 from which he had obtained both ears and tail. As for Alain Montcouqiuol, he tells more generally about his brother’s bullfighting”, explains the author.

Finally, the fourth photo is illustrated with photos of the three matadors taken by French and Spanish photographers.

The three greats of French bullfighting, by Antonio Arévalo, 144 pages, Couleurs Garonne editions, 24.50 euros. The author will sign his book this Saturday, September 17 at 3:30 p.m. at the Teissier bookstore, rue Régale, and on Sunday from 2 p.m. at the bullfighting culture museum. On this occasion, he will be accompanied by Juan Bautista and Alain Montcouquiol.

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