Expert believes Putin wants to conscript “over a million men”.

War has been raging in Ukraine for nine months. Because things have not gone well for Vladimir Putin from a military point of view recently, he has focused on terror against the civilian population and in particular has targeted the Ukrainian energy sector with missiles.

Since then, the power has often gone out in the big cities for a long time, people are suffering and possibly thinking about fleeing. A perfidious plan by the Kremlin ruler.

Militarily, on the other hand, the Russian troops have recently shifted into reverse gear, as in Cherson, for example. However, it seems clear that the aggressor will not remain on the defensive forever. But what could a new attempt, a new offensive, look like?

One possibility would be, and the Russian opposition medium “Verstka” brings this up with reference to an unnamed Kremlin insider, a second, probably even larger wave of mobilization. That would mean: More soldiers for Putin.

Russia expert: switch from special operation to long-term war

“The goal is to conscript over a million men and convert the country to a war economy,” Russia expert Stefan Meister from the German Society for Foreign Relations (DGAP) told FOCUS online. “For this purpose, the management structures will be reorganized and a coordination council will be created.”

Russia is now transitioning from a special operation to a long-term war. “I’m currently assuming that a new offensive could start in the spring, when the new soldiers have been trained.”

Meister is convinced that Moscow will mobilize many more men than in the first partial mobilization with around 250,000 reservists. He assumes that there are already corresponding plans.

Violence and war are carried into Russian society

Should this actually happen, it would not only have an impact on the military conflict itself, but also on Russian society. “It has to prepare for a longer war and will have to mourn more victims,” ​​emphasizes Meister.

Violence and war are also carried into society by those returning. “This war is unpopular with a large majority of Russians, according to polls, but I don’t see any signs of open opposition at this time.”

According to “Verstka”, mobilization could actually begin shortly after the turn of the year. Accordingly, the Russian leadership assumes that the second attempt will cause far less chaos than the partial mobilization in September.

Mainly because the convening offices would then be much better prepared and would also have precise lists of those to be convened.

According to the portal, new recruitment centers are currently being set up in Russia’s regions and trainers are being trained. In addition, the authorities tried to improve the production of military equipment and weapons.

Ex-General: Ukrainian strategy will have to adjust

In an article for ABC News, Australian ex-general and military expert Mick Ryan outlines how Ukraine and the West are reacting to this.

“A key element of any response is the continued Western support — equipment, training, financial and humanitarian assistance — that is needed over the medium term,” Ryan said.

Ukraine’s strategy, which attacks Russian logistics and morale, among other things, will continue to be crucial.

“But it will have to adapt as the Russians develop their campaign further.” The Ukrainians must win the battle to learn and adapt – on the battlefield and in strategic information warfare.

Ryan makes it clear that the war will not stop in the coming winter. “And it offers political and military leaders an opportunity to prepare for what is likely to be a brutal and bloody year.”

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