Ex-employee of the Presidential Administration sent to jail for fraud in the purchase of software

The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow sentenced the former head of the Information and Communications Department of the Office of the President of Russia to five years in a penal colony. He was found guilty of non-execution of state contracts to provide the department with new software. Also, the former active state adviser of the second class was ordered to pay 27 million rubles. to the treasury.

Fraud for 27 million rubles

The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow sent the ex-head of the Information and Communications Department of the Administration of the President of Russia to a penal colony for five years Vitalia Nadragu. As Kommersant writes, he was found guilty of abuse of official powers during the execution in 2018 of state contracts to supply the department with new software. We are talking about Part 3 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The maximum penalty for violating it is 10 years in prison.

According to court estimates, one contract for 27 million rubles. was not executed – the former active state adviser of the second class must pay this amount to the state budget together with the company that supplied the software. This decision was announced by the judge of the Meshchansky Court Elena Karakesishevaspecifying that the abuse of official powers entailed grave consequences.

Earlier, the public prosecutor asked Nadraga for six years in prison and satisfaction of the civil suit of the Office of the President, which was recognized as the injured party. It’s about monetary compensation. The prosecutor’s office is sure that the supplier of the IBS Expertise software should compensate for the losses together with Nadraga. It is known that 27 million rubles. have already been arrested on the account of the organization.


A criminal case on especially large-scale fraud was initiated in April 2020

Taking into account the term already served in the pre-trial detention center, Nadraga can ask for parole in a few months, subject to positive characteristics from the administration of the colony and repayment of at least part of the monetary damage.

However, Nadraga did not agree with the court decision. His lawyers consider the verdict unreasonable and biased and intend to appeal against it.

History of the proceedings

A criminal case on especially large-scale fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was initiated on April 1, 2020, when the Investigative Committee of Russia undertook to check an unfulfilled but paid contract for the supply of software to the Office of the President. Nadraga became the only person involved, although at first the investigators did not find any mercenary intent in his actions.

Then the fraud case was closed, but in January 2021, the Investigative Committee opened a new case of abuse of power against Nadraga, and the Basmanny Court sent the ex-official into custody. He was placed in the Moscow pre-trial detention center “Medved” – the investigation feared that he would use his connections and run away abroad. Fears were indirectly confirmed by the fact that he sold an apartment in Moscow.

The investigation was sure that Nadraga committed the crime “driven by careerism and the desire to hide his incompetence.” Nadraga himself claimed that the experts whose findings were used by the prosecutors did not understand the essence of the contracts. So, the lawyers of the ex-official insist that the contract was not executed, but only because the company did not provide bank guarantees. At the same time, according to the contract that was concluded instead, the work was completed. And the government agency uses the software installed then to this day. But the court did not appoint a new examination.

According to Kommersant, Nadraga may soon face claims under another contract for the purchase of software.

Biography of Vitaly Nadraga

Nadraga worked in the Federal Security Service until 2012. Then he came to the presidential administration, where in 2018 he received the class rank of a real state adviser of the second class, which corresponds to a lieutenant general of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In January 2019, he retired from UPD and since then has been listed as a sole proprietorship – his main activity is “consulting on business and management issues”. Among the additional ones are the publishing of computer games, the development of computer software and general primary education, etc.

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According to some reports, the father of Vitaliy Nadraga is also a native of the special services. Vladimirwho later was a judge of the Adler District Court of Sochi.

Who was the supply company

Delivered software to UPD “IBS Expertise”, which is part of the Russian IT service company IBS, founded in 1992.

Judging by the information on the official website, the company provides services in the field of business process optimization, creation of management systems, data management, analysis and modeling, software development, testing and maintenance, creation of computer centers and storage systems and outsourcing of supporting business processes. IBS releases its own product lines: Planet business process management platform, testing tools, etc.

IBS has several subsidiaries: IBS Platformix is ​​a supplier of replicated solutions for IT infrastructure, IBS InfiniSoft is a software developer, Sila is a Russian manufacturer of OEM equipment. Also, the subsidiaries include IBS Dunice, a developer of mobile and web applications, IBS AppLine Innovation, a developer of solutions for software testing automation, and IBS AppTest, a developer of solutions for software quality management, optimization of development and testing processes.

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According to SPARK Interfax, the founder of IBS Expertise in 2006 was JSC IBS IT Services. Company CEO – Grigory Kocharov. The company’s revenue for 2021 amounted to 6.1 billion rubles.

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