EU representative calls for joint efforts to stop Russia's war in Ukraine

EU representative calls for joint efforts to stop Russia’s war in Ukraine

Hope in Dakar and horror in Borodyanka

“Last December in Senegal, I met dedicated doctors and researchers with a passion for saving lives. Through international collaboration, they set up a vaccine production center at the Pasteur Institute. The researchers used the most promising technologies. A few months later, in Borodyanka in Ukraine, I met children, their eyes were filled with horror because of the war,” said Charles Michel.

He said that he had heard stories of rape, torture, mass graves in Borodianka, “I saw hope in Senegal and horror in Borodianka,” the EU representative said.

Noting that “any war” deserves the same attention, no matter where it takes place, be it in Ukraine or in Yemen, Charles Michel emphasized that the most vulnerable segments of the population around the world are suffering from the war in Ukraine.

Aspects of untruth in this war

Charles Michel said that the “West”, as Moscow calls it, has never threatened Russia’s security in any way. “It’s a lie! The Kremlin is trying – hopefully in vain – to mobilize the rest of the world against an imaginary enemy. He said that no one attacked or threatened Russia and did not plan to do so.

Another lie of the war, according to him, is that this war is supposedly aimed at preventing the “alleged genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine” and the “denazification” of the country.

“That’s not true either! And it’s outrageous,” said Charles Michel.

“Genocide is the specific, deliberate, total or partial destruction of a national, ethnic or religious group. And what? No one, except the Kremlin, would have noticed the large-scale massacres committed by Ukrainians against other Ukrainians? And what kind of liberation is this, which leads to the murder of Russian-speakers and the looting of the infrastructure of their cities?” the EU representative asked.

According to the President of the European Council, another lie is that “aggression against Ukraine is called simply a ‘special operation’ and not a war.” “And again a lie, a terrible lie! This is war. And the announced mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists only confirms this. Even the term “war” is banned. Its use is punishable by seven years in prison, said Charles Michel. “This is war, this is aggression, unprovoked, illegal and unacceptable, aimed at changing internationally recognized borders by force.”

“We have to stop the Kremlin war machine and that is why extensive sanctions were inevitable,” the EU official explained. He added that the fourth lie is that the sanctions allegedly led to shortages of fertilizers and food. “And that is a lie. It was Russia that, even before the war, unilaterally decided to drastically reduce the export of grain and fertilizers, thereby giving rise to price instability on world markets. And it was Russia that decided to block the ports in the Black Sea by military means,” said the EU delegate. He said that the countries of Europe opened “corridors of solidarity, thanks to which more than 10 million tons of food were taken out of Ukraine.” Thanks to the mediation efforts of the UN Secretary General, sea corridors were opened. But today the Kremlin, according to Charles Michel, is trying not to renew the agreement, and once again, the most vulnerable people will be the main victims, according to him.

The EU representative stressed that “Russia’s imperialism and revanchism are the only grounds for this colonial war”, which she is waging openly, violating all norms of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. He condemned Moscow’s threats to resort to nuclear weapons, as well as “its use of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe [ЗАЭС] as a military base.

Unite in the name of hope for the whole world

The EU representative called on all countries to unite in order to end the horror of war and give hope to all the people of the world.
“The European Union is not asking anyone to choose between East and West, North and South. But there is a choice to be made. And the choice of the European Union is respect for borders, not aggression. This is cooperation, not threats. And this is an order based on rules, not the right of the strong,” Charles Michel emphasized.

The EU representative called for increased assistance to developing countries, to help them fight the pandemic and its consequences, transfer new technologies and achieve their adaptation to the effects of climate change.

Warning of the danger of a split between developed and developing countries, he added that the EU is for “collective intelligence”, which means that we must act together. The EU representative proposed to include the African Union in the G20. He reaffirmed his commitment to the one China principle, but urged Beijing to become more actively involved in the collective efforts to seek peace and promote development, and to prevent human rights violations, especially in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Hong Kong.

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