Erdogan speaks again about mediation: Even the worst peace is better than war

Erdogan speaks again about mediation: Even the worst peace is better than war

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that even the worst peace would be better than war. So he spoke about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine after a meeting of the European Political Community, the press service of the Turkish leader reports.

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Erdogan mentioned the grain corridor established with the mediation of Turkey and the UN and the exchange of prisoners. He also said that he would try to accept Russian fertilizers and send them through Turkey to other countries.

“Many European leaders have praised Turkey’s diplomatic moves. Although unacceptable developments on the ground make our work difficult, we continue our efforts to end conflicts with the belief that even the worst – peace is better than war,” Erdogan said.

At the same time, he again stated that some EU member states prefer escalation and provocations instead of cooperation and good neighborliness with Turkey. He did not name a specific list of these countries.

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