Endocrinologist warned about the dangers of black tea for health

Endocrinologist warned about the dangers of black tea for health

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Excessive consumption of black tea can harm the body. The accumulation of fluoride in the bones, which comes with the drink, provokes the development of osteosclerosis and osteoporosis. The endocrinologist Elvina Binatova told about this to the Gazeta.ru edition.

Strong tea has a negative effect on the nervous system and can cause insomnia. Excessive tea drinking can lead to a decrease in iron levels, since this drink helps to bind the elements received from food, which impairs its absorption by the body.

“People suffering from depressive and anxiety disorders, as well as cardiovascular diseases, should control the use of this drink and observe the norm. No more than four to five cups of tea can be consumed per day without harm to health, ”the doctor warned.

Patients who have been ill with coronavirus should give up soda, coffee and black tea. Nutritionist Angelica Duval recommends homemade fruit drinks as a natural energy booster.

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