Embarrassing mix-up: Mario Basler becomes Mario Barth in the “Summer House of the Stars” – “a legend”

Trash show starts: Embarrassing mix-up: Mario Basler becomes Mario Barth in the “Summer House of the Stars”.

Right at the start of the RTL trash show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” Mario Basler makes an intimate enemy. Another resident behaves so badly from the first minute that his girlfriend threatens to move out immediately. Mario Barth, on the other hand, was received enthusiastically. In fact, he’s not there at all.

The summer is gone, the “Summer House of the Stars” is coming: The traditionally emotional competition for the title “Das Promipaar 2022” and prize money of 50,000 euros started its seventh season on RTL on Wednesday. The shreds flew straight away.

Ex-professional soccer player Mario Basler and his partner Doris Büld are the first to enter the uncomfortable holiday home near Bocholt. The 53-year-old tiger around like a driven man: “They want to annoy me and provoke me after ten seconds,” he suspects cold turkey. When his partner finds the cigarettes that are vital for him a short time later, all is right with the world for Super Mario – for the time being.

Doris seems to be the more patient anyway. After Basler had meanwhile returned to his ex-wife, she took him back. Since then she has been waiting for him to keep his promise: to propose to her.

“Summer house of the stars” – Kader Loth warns: “Don’t run around naked!”

In addition to Basler, there is also an old acquaintance in the “summer house”: Kader Loth. The woman, who calls herself “Queen of Trash TV” and was ennobled by “SZ” in 2010 as a “media total work of art”, brings her husband Ismet, called Isi, with her, a freshman in reality TV: “You can withdraw when it gets too much for you?” he asks. Squad: “No, you can’t.” The most important thing, the 49-year-old said to her husband: “Don’t forget that you’re being filmed! Just don’t walk around naked!” And Kader also has a clear plan in other respects: “We’re not going to be clumsy, we’ll leave that to the influencers.”

There are plenty of said: The self-proclaimed “Checker from the Neckar” Cosimo Citiolo brings his girlfriend Nathalie Gaus. “Bauer sucht Frau” couple Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer (“People always find us extremely unsympathetic, we just look like Barbie and Ken”), the Austrian YouTubers and influencers Marcel Dähne and Lisa Weinberger and reality participants and Fashion designer Eric Sindermann with his girlfriend Katharina Hambuechen are at the start.

Mario Basler unexpectedly becomes Mario Barth in the RTL “summer house”.

Kader to her Isi: “These are newcomers, you don’t have to know them.” And Mario Basler also has no idea who he will share a house with for the next three weeks: “I don’t know them, I don’t give a damn either!” After all, Cosimo thinks he recognizes the footballer and is happy – but confuses him with a comedy namesake: “Mario Barth is a legend for me! He’s just like us, so normal guy.”

“Dr. Sindsen” wants to party right away, ex a beer and then throws himself in the pool without swimming trunks. Girlfriend Katharina wants to sink into the ground: “I come in here especially for me and you’re an embarrassment to me on the first evening, it’s pathetic,” she argues with him.

It quickly becomes clear that there is something wrong with the two of them. Eric boasts that when they first met five months ago, they went straight to a hotel: “But nothing worked there yet … because I didn’t have a condom,” he laughs dirty. She stands there with a petrified expression. Kader Loth puts him on the pot: “That’s disrespectful, you know? You can do that among men, but not next to women,” she scolds.

The first “summer house” separation is already in the offing with Eric Sindermann

In the conversation, she learns even more outrageous things from Katharina: He constantly belittles her and claims, for example, that she doesn’t have a high school diploma. However, Hambuechen has two bachelor’s degrees and is doing her master’s. Kader: “Fierce, I’m really shocked! And you go along with that kind of shit?” She has good advice for Katharina: “He wants to make it big and tries everything he can, but you mustn’t let yourself be used as an instrument.”

In the conversation with Eric, the dilemma of the two becomes abundantly clear: “What should I do?” he asks her. “Don’t behave like a clown!” – “Man, rabbit, but I’m always like a clown!” Actually, Katharina has long known what to do: “Sometimes you’re so stupid and go along with everything, but at some point the bang comes and you save yourself from it,” she hints.

Everyone against the Dürrs: “We’re just too normal”

The “Bauer sucht Frau” couple can save themselves, namely from a nomination, after they have completed the first couple game best. Ex-soap actor Stephen Dürr and his wife Katharina had also speculated on victory. Instead, they get the most dissenting votes at the first mood barometer. Her explanation: “We are just too normal.” She is still struck: “They can only be afraid of us! We just don’t talk to anyone anymore.”

That wouldn’t bother you at all: Mario Basler has known and avoided Stephen Dürr since they met him on “Celebrity Big Brother”. His impression of the actor is clear: “I don’t get along with him. He saves a beetle, I’ll kick it to bits,” Basler tried to use a symbol.

Meanwhile, Kader Loth is annoyed that she and Isi also have two dissenting votes. She wrongly suspects Cosimo. He defends himself: “I swear on my mother, it wasn’t me!” Finally Eric and Katharina reveal themselves. Kader can’t believe it, she had private conversations with Katharina. Squad tough: “From now on they can all kiss my ass!”

As early as next Sunday (September 11, 8:15 p.m.) there will be a new opportunity to watch the spiral of escalation as it is filmed. RTL shows ten “Summer House of the Stars” episodes within five weeks, always on Wednesdays and Sundays at prime time.

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