Dutronc father and son, funny, dashing and accomplices

Dutronc father and son, funny, dashing and accomplices

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Nearly 5,000 people attended Jacques and Thomas Dutronc’s concert last night at the Zénith.

“Elegance and high class”: this is how Thomas Dutronc summed up the qualities of his beloved “papounet”, last night at the Zénith de Toulouse. We confirm that the great Jacques ensured what was needed of tender nostalgia and devastating irony during a very rock concert in its opening and in its finale (from “Et moi, et moi, et moi” to “Cactus ” passing by “The daughter of Santa Claus” and “We hide everything, we don’t tell anything”) and silky like a caress in its acoustic passages (eternal wonders that are “It’s 5 hours, Paris wakes up”, “Gentleman Burglar” or “The Little Garden”)

Thomas Dutronc was not left out with “Aragon”, “Like a gypsy without a guitar” or “Sesame” – Françoise Hardy’s favorite song. We didn’t see the fine face of our muse (overhead projector broken!) but it was enough for the musicians to play the instrumental at the origin of “Time of Love” for the public to applaud very loudly the one who , revealed Thomas, “follows us every day watching the videos posted on YouTube”.

“I like the girls… from Toulouse”

To stay in the personal messages, Jacques said to his son: “my gift is you”. And Thomas to answer him in his own way with “I’m nobody (Eternal until tomorrow)”, again a tribute to the party father who had found the trick, when he came home late, to make Françoise believe… that he was off to work early.

And it was on this little cloud of affection and jokes that the evening unfolded, smoothly led by an impeccable group, led by pianist Eric Legnini (who also officiated at the bar), with in particular the two guitarists Rocky Gresset and Fred Chapellier. “I like girls: from Occitania, from the South-West, from Toulouse, from the Pink City”, declined Jacques and Thomas Dutronc. Girls – and boys – who relived the time of a concert their tender years. Smile on the lips and tear in the eye.

Album Dutronc & Dutronc (Decca/Universal).

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