Dubai: Vending machines hand out free bread to those in need |  LiFO

Dubai: Vending machines hand out free bread to those in need |

A pioneering project so that even the poorest always have access to bread

Underprivileged families and workers in Dubai will now be able to get free bread, thanks to the “bread for all” initiative.

Bread will be distributed to those in need by smart vending machines and will be available for free throughout the day. According to a press release, initially 10 machines will be placed in accessible supermarkets across the city.

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This is a project carried out with the support of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and comes after his statements at the beginning of the pandemic according to which no one in the country “will sleep hungry or in need”.

“This initiative is an exemplary model that allows everyone to participate, creating an integrated philanthropic movement and strengthening the spirit of solidarity among social strata,” noted Ali Al Mutawa, secretary general of the Foundation for Juvenile Affairs.

Citizens wishing to support the project with donations will be able to do so directly at the vending machines, on the Dubai Now app or via text message.

There is also the possibility for citizens to volunteer to contribute to the creation and installation of more automatic machines.

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