Draw in the top game: The foxes get a point in Flensburg

Draw in the top game: The foxes get a point in Flensburg

It didn’t last a minute. After just 53 seconds the keynote was struck in Flensburg and it was already clear that it was going to be an absolute battle game. Then Berlin’s Mathias Gidsel moved towards the middle, was illegally tripped by his opponent and got the first time penalty.

It was one of the many duels that the two teams fought in the game on Thursday evening, which ultimately ended with a 31:31 (15:16).

It was not only a battle-focused game, but also one that was characterized by speed. A total of eight goals were already scored after five minutes, with both sides playing the fast middle in the sense of the new rules par excellence.

Coach Jaron Siewert’s side took advantage for the first time in the 13th minute when Gidsel fired through the opposition’s defense in his inimitable style.

The Berliners were ahead until the break

The fact that the Berliners were able to hold the lead from then until the break was mainly due to the extremely fast, agile and correspondingly aggressive defense, which forced the Flensburg team to make mistakes unusually often and paralyzed the home side’s otherwise so creative attacking game. However, the SG managed to reduce the gap at half-time through good individual actions.

Driven by the home crowd, Flensburg came out of the dressing room with renewed energy. But again it was Gidsel who, from careful defences, successfully ran the counter-attack twice and put his team back in front by four goals.

Despite the eleven goals scored by the Dane, things remained exciting and ten minutes before the final whistle, everything was open again at 27:27. Too many mistakes on the Berlin side ultimately ensured that the SG got the upper hand and it remained a draw.

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