Dinosaur skeleton sold at auction in Paris

Dinosaur skeleton sold at auction in Paris

The skeleton of a small dinosaur, which will be auctioned in Paris on October 20, is expected to sell for 400,000-500,000 euros, according to the estimate of Giquello House.

Unlike some huge dinosaur skeletons that have been auctioned recently, the fossilized skeleton of an Iguanodon is 1.3m tall and no more than 3m long. It was discovered in 2019 in Colorado, USA during road construction.

“It’s a living room dinosaur,” said Alexandre Zicello, referring to the size of the skeleton. It is estimated that this particular dinosaur lived about 150 million years ago.

skeletos deinosaurou poleitai se dimoprasia sto parisi

In 2020 the same Auction House had sold a dinosaur skeleton measuring 3.5m high and 10m long for €3 million.

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