Demands of the CSU:

Demands of the CSU: “We need a basic citizens’ tariff for electricity”

CSU parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer and Andrea Nahles, CEO of the Employment Agency, on September 20 at the fall retreat of the CSU state parliamentary group at Kloster Banz

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The CSU parliamentary group meets for the autumn retreat in Kloster Banz. She demands that traffic lights finally “tackle the problem of high energy prices at the root” – and tighten antitrust law.

DThe CSU has called on the traffic light government not only to alleviate “downstream symptoms” in order to avoid an impending “deep recession”, but also “to deal with the causes of the market-driven price increase and tackle the problem at the root”. In a resolution passed on Tuesday by the state parliamentary group at the closed conference in Kloster Banz, the party demands that antitrust law be “sharpened” in order to prevent oil companies from making excess profits in the first place. In this way, the prices, which are above average in a European comparison, could be significantly reduced.

In addition, the state parliament CSU calls for “emergency measures on the gas and electricity market” in order to reduce the enormously increased energy prices, especially for end consumers. “We need a basic citizens’ tariff for electricity and finally a concrete regulation for an effective gas price brake,” says the resolution.

The demands for the introduction of an industrial electricity price, a reduction in energy taxes on heating oil, motor fuels and natural gas and the abolition of the gas surcharge are also renewed. In addition, the CSU continues to plead for a higher commuter allowance from the first kilometer and for a lower sales tax on staple foods. In order to support energy-intensive medium-sized companies in particular, the CSU is demanding changes to the energy cost-cutting program.

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