Death of Masha Amini in Iran: the disturbing conclusions of the medical examiner on his death

Death of Masha Amini in Iran: the disturbing conclusions of the medical examiner on his death

The 22-year-old student died not from the beatings received after her arrest on September 16, but from a medical problem, according to the autopsy findings.

The death of 22-year-old student Masha Amini on September 16 in Iran in the premises of the morality police was not due to “beatings to her head or limbs” but to “multi-organ failure caused by cerebral hypoxia” according to the conclusions of the autopsy report, published this Friday by the official Iranian agency Irna.

Arrested for a lock of hair

This is the first official communication quoting a medical report made since the death of this young woman, arrested in the street on September 13 in Tehran for “wearing inappropriate clothes”, because of a lock of hair protruding from her scarf. She died three days later in a police station.

According to her relatives, she was the victim of ill-treatment. At first, the Iranian authorities had evoked “a sudden heart problem” after an interrogation by broadcasting a video showing an unrecognizable woman collapsing in a corridor of an official building.

Violent blows to the face?

Sources close to his family evoke on the contrary a violent beating and blows in the face and on the skull.

The death of the student generated a deep movement of revolt in Iran, violently repressed by the regime: the figure of more than 150 dead has been advanced. Her death and subsequent crackdown also sparked international condemnation and support for Iranian women.

Beaten up or committed suicide by jumping into the void

Authorities have also denied any involvement in the death of another young Iranian girl, Sarina Esmaeilzadeh, 16, who Amnesty International says was killed after being hit in the head during a protest. According to a local judicial authority, the young woman would have committed suicide by throwing herself from the top of a building. An explanation already provided a few days earlier for the death of another protester.

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