Danilov confirmed the destruction of Iranian instructors who arrived in Crimea to help Russia

Danilov confirmed the destruction of Iranian instructors who arrived in Crimea to help Russia

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov confirmed that Ukrainian servicemen killed Iranian instructors who arrived in the temporarily occupied Crimea to help the Russians operate kamikaze drones supplied by Tehran. Danilov said this in an interview with The Guardian.

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Danilov confirmed that Iranian military instructors had been killed in Crimea and warned that any other Iranians in occupied Ukraine who supported Moscow’s invasion would also be targeted.

According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, the Iranians were in Crimea to help the Russians pilot the Shahed-136 drones supplied by Tehran, but did not announce the number of those killed.

“They were on our territory. We did not invite them here, and if they cooperate with terrorists and participate in the destruction of our people, we must kill them,” Danilov said.

He stressed that the Iranians continue to insist that they allegedly do not supply weapons to Russia, but Ukraine needs confirmation.

“Do we have this confirmation to date? No. We understand that these things do not fly until [люди] they won’t learn how to manage them, and the Russians don’t have enough brains to figure it out on their own…. In today’s world you can’t hide anything. It’s just a matter of time before it will be made public,” Danilov said.

So far, it remains unclear whether Iran supplied ballistic missiles to Russia, the NSDC secretary said.

“We are trying to answer this question and will do everything possible to prevent this from happening. But if this happens, it will say two things. First, Russia does not have the ability to produce its own missiles, at least in quantities that have allowed “It would continue a large-scale war. Secondly, if a country that has been under sanctions since 1979 has the ability to produce such weapons, then what kind of sanctions can we talk about? Therefore, there is a big question about law enforcement,” Danilov said.

  • On October 21, The Jerusalem Post, citing sources in Ukraine, wrote that 10 Iranian instructors who advised the Russian military on launching drones were killed.
  • According to the NYT, drone operators from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were at a military base of the Russian Armed Forces in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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