"Dancing with the stars": Clémence Castel eliminated after an endless evening

“Dancing with the stars”: Clémence Castel eliminated after an endless evening

At the end of an endless evening, Clémence Castel is the third personality to be released from this new season of “Dancing with the stars”, this Friday evening in prime time on TF1. The epilogue of an evening launched in a first musical atmosphere at the Carmina Burana. “This evening, it’s not fun, there is a crazy pressure”, assures Camille Combal,

For this first live evening, the ten candidates compete in a duel, but on different dances. “One of the biggest bonuses of the season”, warns judge Bilal Hassani. “A couple will be eliminated during the last face-to-face,” explains Chris Marques, who returned after a week of absence due to Covid. “Did we take his Dafalgan?” “, throws him Combal. First duel, Anggun and Adrien against Florent Peyre and Inès Vandamme, “American smooth” on Adele, against Argentine tango, not on Carlos Gardel but… on the music of the credits of the mythical series “Dexter” respectively. Funny idea.

Graceful as lance… but his performance remains average, with his dancer carrying them too messy. “I don’t understand your language but it’s cleaner than the first time,” commented Marie-Agnès Gillot, one of the new judges. “Unequal”, completes Chris Marques. Bilal Hassani, he is very nice, adding a simple “Bravo”. Florent Peyre is doing better than the first couple. Unsurprisingly, he won everything in this first battle of the evening.

The dancer Pierre Mauduy disguised as… a teddy bear

The second duel is exclusively female and opposes the ex-Miss France 2021 Amandine Petit to Carla Lazzari, winner of the Eurovision junior in 2019 and “The Voice Kids”. The Little Blonde begins with a particularly strong “jive”. With Pierre, his dancer disguised as a teddy bear, it’s hard to concentrate on the performance, he looks so much like a Télétubbies. Viewers must wait for the first commercial break to discover Amandine Petit with Antony Collette, on a samba on Camilla Cabello’s hit “Liar”. Another funny encounter between music and dance style. Too bad for Amanda. For once, Bilal Hassani allows himself a criticism, assuring that she does not have “enough flow”, “efforts but it takes more”, completes Marie-Agnès Gillot. Unsurprisingly again, it is Carla Lazzari who comes first in this second duel

Then comes “the clash of the titans”, Billy Crawford against the Israeli star Stéphane Legar, through the same exercise, that of contemporary dance. Stéphane Legar reaches new heights with a stratospheric somersault on “Respire” by Gael Faye with his partner Calisson. Very high level. And hop, new pub cut that makes it difficult to follow the evening. Billy Crawford chooses “Hell” by Stromae, evoking his suicidal desires, his alcoholism, facing the camera, tears in his eyes. “Tonight, I’m going to release everything,” he warns in the introduction. With Fauve Hautot, the Filipino star delivers a performance of burning magnetism. “With Stéphane Legar, you are two starred chefs”, comments, in shock, François Alu. Billy Crawford attracts the favors of the jury, wins this third duel and automatically qualifies for the fourth evening.

An endless ad break

Make way for the youngest, the influencer, star of Tik Tok Lea Elui and Christophe Licata on a rumba and Thomas Da Costa on a waltz. A new duel in the soft underbelly of a too long show before which it is very difficult not to get bored. A laborious moment… which ends with yet another endless advertising break. “This evening is far from over,” adds Camille Combal. Thomas Da Costa wins his sesame for the next show. Finally, the Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal tandem and the Eva Queen and Jordan duo argue over an Argentinian tango. The star of Koh Lanta is still not at the level, too academic, without roughness and “remains in a mechanics of movement” subtitle Chris Marques. It is she who is finally eliminated… at 11:45 p.m..

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