“Dancing with the stars”: Amandine Petit eliminated, Billy Crawford again overthrows the jury

Every week something new. After having involved the relatives of the candidates a week ago, “Dancing with the stars” released this Saturday the “battle of the judges”. In this new configuration, each juror of the competition must defend on the floor two pairs out of the eight still in contention. Only the leading team is automatically qualified for the next prime time, all the others going to the final “head to head”. “We win together or we lose together”, sums up a Camille Combal dressed in a daring chocolate suit.

Anggun and Adrien Caby are the first to embark on a paso-doble, supported by François Alu. The trio is doing with honors but without shining. Chris Marques has the “chocottes” but then offers a tasty samba with Florent Peyre and Inès Vandamme on the music of Brice de Nice. The good humor of the trio makes us forget the technical inaccuracies of the comedian who turns at the top of the provisional classification.

The jurors on the dance floor

A year after his last breathtaking performance on the floor of “DALS”, Bilal Hassani returns with Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy. “It’s as if Zidane was returning to the Stade de France! “, laughs Camille Combal. The waltz of the two candidates on “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi is moving but ends with a fall of the former candidate for Eurovision junior. With 20 points, the team is still in the lead, tied with team Florent Peyre.

Marie-Agnès Gillot on the board! The star dancer embarks Amandine Petit and Anthony Colette in a lively skinned contemporary made in Benjamin Biolay. Too academic and stiff, the performance of the ex-Miss France is unanimous against her. The sanction falls in stride: a small 16 and a last provisional place.

The second round is already starting. François Alu puts on the ballet slippers to accompany Stéphane Legar this time, exceptionally in duet with Candice Pascal, Calisson Goasdoue being absent for medical reasons. Their contemporary American Smooth is exciting despite its complicated preparation conditions. 20 points all round. François Alu’s team takes the lead in the judges’ battle.

This is without counting on Chris Marques who tumbles with a jive led by Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois. As usual, the actor of “Here everything begins” is as good in expression as he is technically imprecise. But his showman and solar side saves him with a nice total of 20 points. Team Marques regains leadership.

The stunning waltz of Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot

Coached by Marie-Agnès Gillot, Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot overturn “DALS” with a magnificent waltz. The partner of the Filipino singer even manages to avoid a cameraman who is a little too close during the performance. “Electrifying”, “captivating”, “magnificent”, “one of the most beautiful performances in the history of the show”. Billy Crawford, diminished by an injury, is covered with praise and wins the timpani: 26 points. Upheaval of the winners, the team of Marie-Agnès Gillot doubles that of Chris Marques. But the convincing tango of Bilal Hassani, Léa Elui and Jordan Mouillerac – compensating for the absence of Christophe Licata, sick – reverses the steam and allows the team of the former candidate of “DALS” to win on the wire.

The giant face-to-face with six couples is noted. The viewers save Billy Crawford and Thomas Da Costa, while the jury saves, after a long confabulation, Stéphane Legar, Florent Peyre and Angunn. The “Dancing with the stars” adventure therefore ends after five weeks of adventure for the ex-Miss France Amandine Petit and her partner Anthony Colette.

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