Condom: the flamenco festival makes its nest

Condom: the flamenco festival makes its nest

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The young association “Flamenco and music from the south” presents its first general assembly the day after the successful launch of its festival.

Still in small numbers, the members of the “Flamenco et musiques du sud” association invite all interested parties to its first general meeting, Thursday October 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the premises of the Armagnac Museum, rue Jules Ferry. Around the president, Michel-Henry Bouchet, there is no doubt that the meeting will be an opportunity to savour, through an initial assessment, the success of the event launched this summer with the arrival of Ricardo Del Moral. “It’s true that we were pleasantly surprised by the success of the evening, with more than 300 people present. The general meeting should be an opportunity to continue the adventure. For next year, we are already thinking about bringing in a flamenco troupe from Toro, to further strengthen the ties of the twinning,” explains Michel Bouchet.
After having succeeded, with “twenty members, four directors and a budget of €400”, in setting up a great event last August, there is no doubt that the initiative will be taken up and developed in the future. “The formula has been tested and validated. We managed to present this poster thanks to working hand in hand with other associations. There is the Condom-Toro twinning committee of course, but also the Peña Peleon, the Tertulia flamenca, and the City Lights for cinema. All these friends brought us their skills and their desire”. The program gradually extended over three days should therefore be resumed in 2023, with always an evening at the cinema, another reserved for the dancers of the Tertulia, and the show on Saturday evening. “We gained credibility with the arrival of Ricardo, now these are the means that will make the difference for the future of the event, and other events for the rest of the year. We already have requests from other municipalities, because there is a real interest in flamenco in the Gers”. An aficion that did not escape Rocardo Del Moral, “who just before played in front of 4,500 people at the Royal Theater in Madrid! »
Appointment is therefore given Thursday evening to draw the rest of the adventure.

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