Commission: "Turkey does not seem to have taken steps forward" - What the draft on enlargement says |  LiFO

Commission: “Turkey does not seem to have taken steps forward” – What the draft on enlargement says |

What an ERT article says

The Commission’s draft report on the enlargement of the European Union reportedly states that Turkey does not appear to have taken any steps forward. The said draft is expected to be presented on Wednesday.

More specifically, the Commission reportedly emphasizes that Turkey must respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of the member states and commit to good neighborly relations. Essentially, the conclusions of the Summit of March 2021 are being recalled.

At the same time, he emphasizes that he must respect international law and calls on de-escalation of tensions in the interest of regional stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Commission also points out the serious problems in democratic institutions and the deterioration of human and fundamental rights in the country.

In addition, reference is also made to immigration, stressing that there is some progress, but the agreement for the return of illegal immigrants from Greece remains suspended.

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