China to simultaneously launch missions to Jupiter and Uranus (video)

China to simultaneously launch missions to Jupiter and Uranus (video)

The Chinese space program never ceases to amaze both with the volume of its programs and missions and with their scope and ambitious goals. Officials at China’s Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center announced that the organization of a mission called Tianwen 4 has begun.

This mission is planned for the end of the decade and will involve the launch of two spacecraft. The one larger vessel will carry the second smaller vessel with it. By harnessing the gravitational forces of Earth and Venus the craft will get the necessary boost to travel to Jupiter. When it reaches the gas giant of our solar system the larger craft will release the smaller one to begin its journey to Uranus from there.

The largest craft will explore the system of the largest planet in our solar system. Mission staff want to better study Callisto, the second-largest moon of Jupiter and the third largest of all the moons of the planets in our solar system. For this mission vessel will at some point be put into orbit around Callisto whose surface is covered by ice and craters. The second smallest spacecraft will travel to Uranus to explore the system of the seventh planet from the Sun.

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