“Bullfighting will disappear, it’s inevitable,” says LFI MP Aymeric Caron

LFI MP Aymeric Caron wants to ban bullfighting in France; He has tabled a bill to this effect which will be debated and voted on in the National Assembly on 14 November.

Why this bill aimed at abolishing bullfighting in France?

Because bullfighting is one of the horrors animals are subjected to in this country. I am a longtime animal rights activist. And I intend to use my mandate as an MP to advance files.

Why this one first?

Bullfighting, moreover, in terms of animals concerned, a few thousand per year (in France, a few hundred, editor’s note), it is not necessarily the most damaging, compared to other practices which concern millions, or tens of millions of animals. But bullfighting has a very great symbolic force, and abolishing it will have a very great symbolic force. Since we’re talking about something rather special, hurting a sentient being and putting it to death in front of a cheering crowd.

That’s why I called my text “One small step for animals, one giant leap for humanity”. This practice concerns relatively few individuals, since for me animals are all individuals, compared to industrial farming or hunting, but abolishing bullfighting will send a strong message about the society we want to write and the way whose sensible living we observe and look at.

This bill will therefore ultimately be well debated in the Assembly?

Yes. I am president of the Ecological Revolution for the living party, but it is the France insoumise group to which I am related that will bring this bill. Within the framework of a parliamentary niche available each year to opposition groups like ours. Where we can propose laws. The next one for us is November 24.

Public opinion has never been so ready for abolition, the question is very simple, all the analyzes have already been done, it is not complex at all, neither technically nor philosophically: for all these reasons, I campaigned for this text to appear in our parliamentary niche, and yes, it was selected by our group.

The deputies will therefore vote on this bill. And she has a very good chance of being adopted. It’s a fact, bullfighting will disappear. And if not now, next time. Might as well do it, then.

What would be your other priority to defend the animal cause?

First, I’m only talking about bullfighting with killing, I’m not attacking other bullfights as long as no harm is done to them. Then there is animal experimentation which will be on the table very, very soon, in my opinion. And hunting.

Have you ever seen a bullfight?

Yes, but not in the arena. On television, on videos which are quite unbearable. But I didn’t feel the urge or the need to go to an arena to make sure it was filthy.

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