Bill to ban bullfighting: Sala uncomfortable

Bill to ban bullfighting: Sala uncomfortable

The rebellious deputy of the 5th district of Gard signed the proposal of Aymeric Caron like all the parliamentarians of his movement. He explains himself with arguments, however, that are not very convincing.

Group discipline is beautiful. Take the 75 rebellious deputies. The pen in one hand, the other on the seam of the pants, all voted for Aymeric Caron’s bill to abolish bullfighting. They were joined by an independent parliamentarian and twenty others from Europe Écologie Les Verts. No deputy on the other hand from the PS and the PC who sit with the Nupes. Among the signatories, Michel Sala, therefore.

The member of the 5e constituency of Gard denies having had the slightest instruction from LFI. “This vote is the result of a debate.” He adds that the issue of animal welfare was in the platform he defended during his campaign. In July, however, interviewed by Midi Libre after the announcement of his anti-speciesist colleague to introduce a law, he declared: “It’s a complex question. I’ll wait to find out what exactly Aymeric Caron’s text says before deciding.” The text, precisely, contains many inaccuracies, ensuring for example that each fight opposes a toro to three matadors, that the second tercio is that of the banderillos (sic) and that the third begins with the thrust.

“In Barcelona, ​​there is no more bullfighting, but the feria party is in full swing. In Argentina and Chile, it has been abolished”, assures Michel Sala, who is unaware that the Catalan capital has no feria on its calendar, that bullfights are again legal in this region of Spain and that the bullfighting tradition has never existed in the two countries of North America South cities. He also promises that on the question of traditions, nothing other than bullfighting will be threatened.

In any case, the unanimous position of LFI parliamentarians does not pass with certain activists in the south of Gard. Present at the demonstration of the CGT staff of the CHU, Thursday in Nîmes, Charles Menard and Coralie Ghirardi, who had been invested by the Nupes in the legislative elections in June, were embarrassed for the month, especially when they were arrested by the communist Vincent Bouget. Last August, the one who was a candidate in the 2nd district had alerted by email Mathilde Panot, the leader of the Insoumis in parliament, and Aymeric Caron, mentioning among other things the ecological consequences of such a law. An unanswered email…

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