Ben will be at the Albret Jazz Festival in Nérac: "The return of the public does a lot of good"

Ben will be at the Albret Jazz Festival in Nérac: “The return of the public does a lot of good”

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The most famous artist of the Albret Jazz Festival, Ben gives himself up before this meeting, where he will give a concert tomorrow evening, at 10 p.m., at the Parc de la Garenne in Nérac.

Formerly known as Ben l’Oncle Soul, the one now called Ben will be in Nérac this Friday evening, during the first evening of the Albret Jazz Festival, for a concert not to be missed under any circumstances.

The last two years have been difficult for artists. How did you experience them?

Pretty good ! It must be said that I had a particular context. I had a child, so I was able to take advantage of it, and it was great. I’m almost embarrassed to say that, but I liked it (laughs).

And from a musical point of view?

I refocused a lot of things on my little cocoon of creativity. I was able to compose an album during confinement. When you’re an artist, you transform the constraints, and you do with what you have. We need constraints to move forward.

“I am good in my music”

We imagine that finding the public does you a lot of good…

Indeed, it had failed. People couldn’t get up or dance. These prohibitions were bizarre. Now it’s the return of the public, and it does a lot of good.

Ten years ago, you released your first album. Is there a link with the upcoming release of your fifth album?

No, it’s not a birthday. I am in continuity, and in the good evolution of things. I don’t look at the dates too much, even if it was super nice to play at the Olympia in June 2021 to celebrate my ten-year career.

Do you measure the path traveled during these years?

I’m very happy with what’s been going on for ten years, but I don’t need to look back. I keep it in mind, I don’t lose everything that has been done. Today, I am good in my music. My repertoire has grown over the years, and it’s super cool, especially for live performances.

What is your greatest pride in the musical field?

When I started it was for fun. A Victoire de la Musique, I thought that was cool. I can speak of satisfaction, but pride is more difficult.

“There is no particular pressure”

What is the future project that you would like to carry out?

There is an artist from Lausanne that I like, Nnavy. We talk a little bit. At some point it will happen.

You will be the headliner of the Albret Jazz Festival. Does this create any particular pressure?

I have a chance. That’s why I’ve been the headliner for ten years! What is certain is that I am very happy to do a concert, but there is no particular pressure.

What imprint do you want to leave on visitors to Nérac tomorrow?

When we make music, we always want people to have a good time, and to talk about touching moments. It’s cool to know that they will have memories around the concert. Being part of people’s memory in cool moments is what I like.

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