At BR, “more than every second euro is incomprehensible”

According to the Supreme Court of Auditors (ORH), Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) urgently needs to make additional savings in the Free State. “Despite the previous austerity measures, the financial reserves of the BR will be largely used up by the end of 2024,” warned the ORH on Friday in Munich.

“With more than every second euro, it was not clear what it was spent on”

Bavaria’s highest financial auditor also complained that the ARD-Anstalt often violated its own rules for awarding contracts when using external consultants. The hard-hitting conclusion in the ORH report: “In the cost accounting for more than every second euro in 2020, it was not comprehensible what it was spent on”. This is mainly due to the fact that the BR “since the introduction of partial cost accounting in 2016 has largely dispensed with allocations and distribution of overhead costs”.

The rising salary costs and especially the high obligations for pensions have been burdening BR more and more for a long time. The ORH also pointed this out when presenting its audit report: “The continuing increase in pension costs will continue to pose considerable challenges for BR and limit its financial ability to act.” The gap in coverage will tend to increase further here. At the end of 2020 it was 465 million euros.

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