As Aaron Judge hits the 55 HR, the team president calls him the 'Yankee of all time'

As Aaron Judge hits the 55 HR, the team president calls him the ‘Yankee of all time’

Abefore the match of the MLB on Wednesday against the Minnesota Mellizos, Aaron Judge wanted to become the right-handed hitter for the New York Yankees with the most home runs in history. That honor was shared with alex rodrguez after his HR 54 from the previous game, the 55 would eventually come against the Twins. It all happened in the fourth inning when Judge hit a fly ball to left field. The Roger Maris record 61 home runs is closer than ever, which doesn’t seem as impossible as it might have been a week ago.

With this level of performance, the slugger contract could be said to be one of the main issues when someone from the slugger leadership Yankees talk to the media. President Randy Levine he just outlined the plan to convince Judge to keep that initial $213.5 million contract he already turned down. The plans are to continue negotiating and hope that no other team from the MLB I can offer you more than that.

‘Aaron Judge, and the Yankee of all time’

speaking in the podcast ‘The Show’, Levine he said, “We know what he’s worth and what he means. I don’t know what he has in mind. All we can do is show him how much we’d like him to stay a Yankee.” We think Aaron Judge is an all-time Yankee. We think he is a great player, beyond a great player. We think he is a great person. That’s why we offered him the highest position player contract in Yankees history. I admire him. that I went out and took this on his shoulders and we’re going to sit down with him and hopefully work it out. I think there’s no question that we want him back and there’s no question that we value him.

“There’s no problem about ‘We want him back Aaron Judge?’ No problem [con] ‘how much we value it’. It is a negotiation. What we’ll talk to him and his representatives about in the offseason is, ‘How do we keep it?’ And then it will be up to him to see, he wants to stay here [o] want to go somewhere else? Someone offers you a better deal? As with all free agents, being a Yankee is really important. It brings a lot that, perhaps, many other places do not. Now we’re talking about the search for home runs with Babe Ruth and Roger MarisFrom Yankees“.

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