Arrivals again in Zaporozhye: the Russians fired about 10 missiles

Arrivals again in Zaporozhye: the Russians fired about 10 missiles

Late on the evening of September 22, the Russians shelled Zaporizhia again, for the second time that day. This was announced by the head of the regional military administration Alexander Starukh.

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Around midnight, he wrote that in the regional center – again arrivals of enemy missiles.

According to preliminary information, the invaders fired about 10 shells at Zaporozhye.

A little later, Starukh reported that the enemy had hit Zaporozhye’s infrastructure facilities. Information about the victims and destruction is being specified.

The residents of the city heard the first explosion at about 23:45, after which an air alert was announced in the regional center.

This afternoon the Russians fired nine missiles at Zaporozhye. We hit a hotel in the central park, there was significant damage, people were under the rubble. The Russians also hit an electrical substation, due to which there was a partial blackout in several areas. It is known about one dead and five injured.

  • On September 21, as a result of the Russian strike on Zaporozhye, private houses and infrastructure facilities were damaged, three people were hospitalized.

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