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Ark of the World: The accounts of Fr. Antonio and the elder are opened |

According to information from top sources of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, which are called the “Parapolitical” request to open the accounts of Fr. Antonios and Elder Stamatia submitted by the Economic Police.

The request also includes companies connected to the persons, as well as opening accounts of the members of the Board of Directors of the World Ark.

According to the specific information of the highest sources of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the request also includes companies connected to the above persons, which due to the legal nature of the NGO are not obliged to submit any documents, so the scope of the financial the activity.

It is recalled that yesterday there was information that the elder woman emptied the bank deposit box, according to reports.

Complaint of a volunteer

THE psychologist Maria Charalambous, cooperating for some months as a volunteer in the structure of the “Box of the World” complains in her post on Facebook that there are recorded testimonies of children.

Here is the full post:

“Well since so much has been said and everyone has their own opinion, I’d like to share my experience as well.

I worked at Kivoto voluntarily from April to August 2022. My contact with the children was daily, as with all the staff.

In the first months, I was enchanted by the atmosphere and the love for the children. After some time I learn from educators about a robbery and what followed. First bomb. You fall from the clouds.

Still you keep going. There are difficulties, which you would expect if you really want to work in such an environment.

Then you learn that kids have to drop out of school and you read to them just to pass the class. Second bomb.

The celebration is coming, you meet Father Antonio and the others. There I began to believe that perhaps what I learned, mainly from the staff, were unfortunate cases. He spoke to me once and moved me with something he told me.

Then strange things start happening. You try to learn. Children lose whatever appetite they had for reading and seem withdrawn. No child says, no one responsible. Little by little you learn and see recorded testimonies of children about what happened. Third bomb.

You know you want to file a complaint, especially as soon as the kids take their exams. But in a conversation you have with one of the children you learn that he was beaten in one of the structures. Wednesday bomb. My child says you are 24 years old and begs me crying to do something because I am an adult. At that moment you want to tell him to be patient, because you are going to file a complaint. But you can’t tell. You wait for the other kids to finish their exams.

By the end of August, you learn about the dismissal of a colleague, who complained. Then you decide you can’t wait. How many bombs? You go, without them knowing. But then I realized that some people knew that I went, although I didn’t tell them, so that I could see the children. We just pretended that I didn’t know that they knew and they didn’t know about the complaint I made. We continue the lessons with the children.

I had been going for 2 or 3 days and a child asked me why I didn’t come. I told him I was sick. He asked me: madam will you come tomorrow? I told him if nothing comes up yes. In the end I never went back. I was told that the investigations had begun and they could not volunteer. So I didn’t have time to say goodbye to the children, because I was leaving for Cyprus. The children knew about it, but I still didn’t have time to say goodbye. So the children again experienced 2 “abandonments” from people who were with them every day from one day to the next.

You hope that there will be no cover-up and you find the prosecutor’s office just before you leave, to inform them that you are traveling. Lovely man, at least with the lady I had spoken to. You tell her what’s bothering you and you’re glad that everything is moving forward.

Then calm down and you hear about sexual crimes. Which bomb am I on?

I know people close to me wanted me to drop the charges, they thought I would be stigmatized and I also know that when they see the publication they will be overcome with anguish. But at least I have family and friends, some of whom knew everything from the beginning.

Also, this anxiety is nothing compared to that of children, who do not have the same support system. When you see children watching your show and saying that this is the family they wish they had, when children call the teachers mom, when a child curses you in the plural and says: “are you stupid?” and then he’s afraid to sleep, when you read them and say “are you kidding me?” ” and they tell you “no…. A little” and you understand that the teachers’ vacations may be few, when you get angry and say things you later regret, when they make fun of your accent as an excuse for them not to read, then you understand that they are children. They just happened not to be born into a family like yours.

So if you work in a rotten world, change it or at least try. Do what you can and more, even if the BALL turns BACKWARDS. You did what you had to do, even if it was a good thing to do and you gouged your eyes out. Better to be blind like that than to pretend you don’t see.

First of all, I would like whatever contributions were to be made, to be made because the children are not to blame for anything.

Secondly, there are people in the Ark who really love children (they are just afraid to talk. They love them, but they are not ready to take out their eyes, maybe because they are afraid of the stigma and they have to feed their own). I have seen some of the staff really put their heads down for the kids, care about them, get tired, but be there for them. Although it’s still hard to understand why you don’t speak, although I somehow understand that you might be afraid that the ball won’t take you. The problem is high up, in the hierarchy and in the system.

I would like the volunteers to continue to contribute in any way they can. There are many needs.

Thanks to those who spoke (they know who I am)”

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